Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Education of George Washington Book Review

Title: The Education of George Washington
Author: Austin Washington
Publisher: Regnery HIstory
Pages: 344
Genre: Nonfiction/History
Format: Hardcover, Kindle

In Austin Washington’s new book – - The Education of George Washington - - readers will learn all about President Washington’s true model of conduct, honor, and leadership, including the actual historic document that President Washington used to transform his life from a poorly educated child of a widowed mother, to the historic, curious, highly influential and awe inspiring figure he became and remains today.
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What can you say about George Washington that everyone else already knows?  This book just re-confirms what we already knew, that George followed his inner voice and went with what he knew was in his heart because he knew the truth would be there.
He always stayed the course with his leadership, honesty and perseverance. He still remains the most respected President in the history of the United States.
About the Author:
Austin Washington is the great-nephew of George Washington. He earned his masters and did post-graduate research focusing on colonial American history, and is a writer, musician, entrepreneur and global traveler. He returns to an old Virginia family home whenever he can. Austin’s first book takes a common criticism of his academic writing – “You’re not writing a newspaper editorial, you know!” – and turns it into a virtue, taking a subject dry and dusty in other’s hands and giving it life.
He has lived abroad much of his life, most recently in Russia, and visits friends from Sicily to Turkey to Bangladesh and beyond. His earliest influences as a writer were Saki, Salinger, and St. Exupery, although in more recent years he has got beyond the S’s. As for historians, he is partial to the iconoclast Gibbon, who wrote history to change the future.
His latest book is the nonfiction/history book, The Education of George Washington.
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