Thursday, May 29, 2014

MCT Energy Bars Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I have a new kind of energy bar I wanted to share with you called MCT Bar that will change the way you look and/or think about energy bars in the future.
Main Features:
  • The LipiX© MCT Bar is a delicious meal replacement formula comprising Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Protein, Fiber and Omega-3 DHA to support brain health.
  • First ever food with high Medium Chain Triglycerides (7g of MCTs per bar), a type of saturated fat found in human breast milk, coconut oil and palm oils and are known to generate Ketone bodies, a source of energy, used by brain cells.
  • A high & balanced source of whey protein (16g per bar) to increase satiety and muscle mass
  • Vegetarian docosahexaenoic acid (0.4g DHA Oil per bar) an essential fatty acid most abundant in the brain and eyes.
  • A good source of fiber (13 g per bar). 
  • Has 9 organic ingredients
  • No added sugar

  • Okay, just so you know, this is not a low calorie snack bar, this is for energy alone. I didn't want anyone to get confused with the two, even though it's healthy in other ways, but it still has 230 calories for each bar. But, what it does have is 13 grams of fiber and 16 grams of protein along with 7 grams of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) and vegetarian omega. The bar is unique because the concept is a low sugar, high fat and high protein food based on a vast amount of research that shows excess carbohydrate consumption in our diet is central to many of chronic health issues.

    I can see where this might be really good for people with bad cholesterol or high trigs, like me. I am going to have to quote the meaning of MCT because I have read it several times and I think I grasp what they mean, but to be on the safe side, I will use their words, in case I don't have it right. I think this means that we can introduce good trigs in our body and not the bad ones like I have that are not good and can cause a lot of heart and artery problems.

    Description of MCT:
    Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)  are saturated fats found in human breast milk, coconut oil and palm oils. MCTs are very safe and energy rich fatty acids that are easily metabolized. It has been used as a dietary oil for over one hundred years.  
    MCTs possess a unique biochemical quality in that they are not absorbed or transported like Long Chain fatty acids in the human diet. MCTs are from 6-12 carbons in length. The most common fatty acid (palmitic acid) in the human diet is 16 carbons in length.  
    MCTs passively diffuse into the GI tract while Long Chain fatty acids and other fat-soluble nutrients require carrier enzymes. In the cell, MCTs passively diffuse into energy production cycles from fats by a process known as beta-oxidation.
    I won't lie to you and say it tastes wonderful, but if you have a need for it, you can get pass the taste. It almost tastes exactly like what they are saying it does, if one can imagine what breast milk tastes like this long after being a baby. That was the first main taste that I got off of the bar and then there was a slight coconut taste also. I also have to tell you that it's very, very oily when you open the packet. I had oil all over my hands trying to get the bar out of the package. And I think this picture gives you a pretty good idea because all that shine is not from the camera or lights, that is in fact the oils. 
    There are two flavors, vanilla and chocolate and I got the vanilla flavor. I might have liked the chocolate a little better, but can't quite know for sure since it really will be hard to not taste the breast like milk and coconut and all that oil.
    They actually recommend:
    Recommended serving: Two bars per day to supplement additional protein and medium chain triglycerides.
  • Store and serve at cool temperature
  • Do not microwave

  • Note: When first adding medium chain triglycerides to a diet, some consumers may experience mild gastric distress. If you have a sensitive system you may choose to take only a small amount per day (half serving or 30-35 grams), gradually increasing over seven to ten days to a regular serving size. If only consuming a partial amount of an opened bar, please refrigerate the unused portion.  
    Consuming more than three (3) bars per day is not recommended.
    Okay, I did not read this until after I had tried about 2 bites, so it's a good thing I decided to wait until my doctor appointment this coming Friday to take with me. And I am going to quote all of the warning because I would hate to recommend something and then something happen to someone. If you don't have any health issues, I think this product would be great for those looking for energy or need some part of the nutrition in their diet. Please read all of the warnings!

    Product Suggestions:

    Because the LipiX© MCT Bar is such a delicious way to consume MCT, you may be tempted to exceed our suggested servings. If you choose to consume more, please increase your use slowly over a few days and do so depending on how your body responds. Overconsumption of LipiX© MCT Bard may lead to gastrointestinal side effects in some individuals, such as bloating, nausea and diarrhea. If this should occur, please lower your consumption or stop use for a few days and restart slowly. As always, if your symptoms of distress are serious, or last more than a short while, please consult your physician immediately.

    Product Warnings:

    If you have diabetes; a history of dietary fat intolerance; irritable bowel syndrome; a history of gout or high levels of uric acid; or a history of gallstones or gallbladder disease, please obtain explicit approval from your physician prior to consumption. Discontinue use and consult your physician if any adverse reactions occur. Not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing. Not recommended for children under the age of 18.

    Now, because I have IBS with constipation, I am going to either give these away to my friend who loves eating this type of product or if my doctor says it's okay because I could use some of the benefits due to my high cholesterol, then I might eat a half one or a whole one but definitely not two in a day! I am not sure why it's not good for the gallbladder but because mine is already been taken out, I am not sure what that means. Like I said, I will be taking all of this with me on Friday, so I will wait and see what he says.

    You can buy these energy bars on Amazon.
    About Lipix:
    LipiX is a science-based nutritional food development platform from Nectid Inc. Nectid (, is Princeton, NJ based privately held company focused on repurposing known drugs and science based nutritional platforms. Company licensed 19 patents in the last three years and one of its licensed products is in clinical study with Grünenthal GmbH, Germany. LipiX products use a novel proprietary patent pending platform technology-BrainWhey platform.  
    BrainWhey is formulated with three GRAS ingredients that have been in nutritional use for decades. The formulation is unique because of its ability to preserve the stability of Omega-3 in fortified foods against peroxidation and preserve against odor deterioration on a retail shelf. The platform is a powerful ketogenic because of its ability to enhance whole cell beta-oxidation of fats.
    Connect with Lipix:

    Mailing Address:
    116 Village, Suite 200
    Princeton, NJ 08550
    Phone: 609-945-3938 ** Fax: 609-275-5717
    Contact Form | Newsletter (bottom of page on left)
    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


    Marti Tabora said...

    I have never even heard of Medium Chain Triglycerides, the nutrition contained in these sounds good, but I'm not sure I could deal with that oil. Thank you.
    Marti Tabora

    Heidi Embrey said...

    Thanks for the info. Always on the lookout for new healthy products :)