Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Laughter, Tears and Braids Book Review

I have a really good book to share with you today called Laugher, Tears and Braids written by Bruce Ham about what happened to his family when his wife got cancer and how they survived after she died.

Within six months, an aggressive cancer killed Lisa Ham, a Raleigh, North Carolina mom at the young age of 39. Her husband, Bruce, was left scrambling to pick up the pieces of their life, while maneuvering the world with  a broken heart.  
The responsibilities of being a single father to his three active daughters were overwhelming.  

Bruce wrestled with his faith and questioned his ability to parent competently without Lisa by his side. But slowly, his wife’s tough spirit inspired Bruce to shape his new normal and to find inner peace and laughter again. 

Along his personal journey, he became his girls' confidante, while mastering hair dryers, shopping trips, tights and braids.
It's always said when someone so young has to die from this terrible thing called cancer. Lisa Ham had it really bad. It started in her colon, then ovaries, back and then finally her brain. I know how it all works because my father died of lung cancer and we were told 6 months also but he lasted only 6 weeks.

So, in some ways, I am not sure which way is better. Some days I am glad he didn't suffer longer but then other days, I wish I had more time to prepare and say the things I wanted to say. It happened so suddenly and no one knew it was coming so I was all alone with him when he passed and I must say I freaked out big time! I thought I had done something wrong and had not paid enough attention but the truth is, cancer isn't what killed him, it was the morphine and his heart just had had too much of it.

So, which way is better?

Only each person or each family can answer that question. Bruce did the best that he could and all the while he was silently freaking out too because he had three daughters to raise without his wife with him. I can only imagine the sheer terror that must have evoked, but we all find the inner strength that we did not know we had to put one step in front of the other and slowly the days turn into weeks, then months, then years and one day you look back and can't believe it's been 5 years or 10 years since someone has passed.

This is a good story about a good family and how they handled their personal battle with cancer and death. It may help someone else in the future or right now who needs a little bit of guidance or understanding. Each person or case is different, but in the end, grief is grief and learning to cope is what we can all teach each other.

It's a good book to have around if you need it or know of someone who does.
About the Author: 
Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the son of a preacher, Bruce Ham lives in Raleigh with his three girls and hamster. Graduating from North Carolina State University didn't stop him from pursuing his late wife Lisa, who attended the archrival, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He is a consummate father, the Chief Development Officer at the YMCA of the Triangle Area, and he has a serious addiction to bow ties.
You can catch him on his blog at this address:
I will be giving my hard copy book to one of you so that you can either have it for yourself or for someone else who might need to read about it. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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Renee G said...

I do like reading true stories.

Anita Yancey said...

I do enjoy reading true stories, even if they are sad. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Kerry O'Dea said...

I like to read true stories because sometimes I need a good dose of reality mixed in with all of the paranormal and fantasy I read. Kerry O'Dea