Saturday, May 3, 2014

Getting Your Music To New People

Are you a musician or know someone who is and they need help getting started? Is yours or their music really good and you believe it can make it? Well, I found this really neat website the other day that can help with getting your music out there. Tune Core can help get your music out there to thousands of people.
Choose Independence
A TuneCore Artist Compilation
To be considered for our new compilation, just fill out the form and remember these key points:
  • Your track must be a NEW RELEASE distributed through TuneCore. (To start the distribution process, go to
  • Important Deadlines: Your new release must be distributed through TuneCore between April 17 - May 6, 2014.
    Submission Form Deadline: This submission form must be submitted by midnight EST, May 6, 2014.
  • You must select Amazon MP3 as one of the stores.
  • The release does not have to be live in the store(s) you select.
  • Artists can only submit one track each.
  • You must accept the waiver and terms & conditions (see below).
  • The album will be distributed to Amazon MP3 for free download by May 20 (subject to change). The album will be live a minimum of 90 days.
  • This compilation will not affect the sale of your song on any other releases.
  • We will notify the artists selected within 2 business days of the album going live on Amazon MP3. 

I am not a musician myself but from everything I have seen on TV and on the internet, it is pretty hard to get started. Let Tune Core help guide you to getting your music out there! They have had over 300,000 downloads on Past TuneCore promotional compilation albums. They are constantly ranked in the Top 10 for free albums on Amazon MP3 U.S. around their release dates, so they must know a thing or two about getting music out there!
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Pixystik4U said...

i had no idea you were a musician! very cool!