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Emile Noel Artisan Sweet Almond Oil Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I was very excited to try out this new kind of oil from Emile Noel Artisan Oils because it just sounded so exotic and so good! I got the Sweet Almond Oil to try and I have barely begun to scratch the surface of all the things that I might be able to use this oil in or with.
Description of Sweet Almond Oil:
Emile Noel’s Organic Sweet Almond Oil is a lightly fragrant oil with a delicate flavor.  This pale-gold oil is cold-extracted from sweet almonds using an artisan process (no solvents or chemicals) to preserve the natural flavors, delicate aroma and nutritional benefits of almonds. Rich in fatty acids, Emile Noel’s Sweet Almond Oil has a light nutty flavor that goes well with savory and sweet dishes.
From what I gather about unrefined Sweet Almond Oil, which is the kind that I got, is that you should not use it to fry or sauté or any kind of cooking with high heat because it destroys the flavor and breaks down the oils. They suggest you use this oil for salads and as a finishing touch to meat, vegetable and pasta dishes. Almond oil makes a wonderful salad dressing when combined with flavorful vinegars such as balsamic, apple cider and red wine vinegars. It can also be drizzled over hummus, dips, and cooked vegetables such as brussel sprouts, green beans and spinach to bring out subtle hints of flavors.
I also found out that it does have some good health benefits also. Since it's an organic virgin oil, it really does have some really good qualities that I am going to have to really explore. Since I am not a gourmet cook, these kind of oils are something I will have to experiment with since I normally don't have these in my house.
Almond oil boosts memory and strengthens the nervous system. It’s rich in potassium, folic acid, and proteins which helps enhance blood circulation, prevents heart ailments and regulates cholesterol levels.  With a high content of vitamin D, almond oil helps keep the immune system healthy. Cold pressed and unrefined almond oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats, which makes it ideal as a substitute for olive oil.
Wow! And here I thought Olive Oil was what I needed to add to everything trying to get my cholesterol levels down! Since I do have autoimmune health issues, I wonder if this oil would really help me now since I have already been compromised or if it only works to prevent things from going wrong with the immune system. I guess I will be studying this subject for quite awhile!
They have other nut flavors in their organic nut oils and I would love to try those also some time. Emile Noel organic nut oils are unrefined and virgin oils. In the artisanal production method, cleaned, healthy nuts are first cold pressed in a traditional press, without solvents or chemicals. The oil is then filtered several times through blotting paper, and then stored in a dark, cool place.

They have quite a selection of organic virgin nut oils, including fair trade hazelnut oil, organic walnut oil, organic macadamia nut oil, and organic sweet almond oil. And that doesn't even include the Seed Oils and the Olive Oils!

About Emile Noel Artisan Oils:
Huilerie Emile Noël selects 20 varieties of oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, pressed mostly at our mill in Pont Saint-Esprit or by partner millers who, like us, make virgin, first cold pressed oil.  
Olive oil is the king of the range, featured in an array of taste profiles and terroirs as well as in new-release, filtered and flavoured versions. In line with our commitment to dietary balance and variety, the Huilerie also produces classics (rapeseed/canola, sunflower, sesame, soya…), special favourites (almond, walnut, grapeseed, camelina…), rarities (flax, hemp, pumpkin seed…) and treasures (argan, sweet almond, avocado, evening primrose…).  
Other stars in our range are our healthy and tasty blends of two to five oils, combining their respective fatty acids that are essential for our body. And Emile Noël also makes a range of special cooking oils (for frying, stir-frys, and sauces).
It was very hard for me to pick something to say about the company because I found so much history and information while I was on their site reading about them and how they started back in 1920 with their organic oils. It's really a nice story and I hope you will go and read the rest as I don't have room for all of it. It sounds like a really wonderful place to be and live, which is in France. They all seemed so carefree and happy, it made me want to crawl through the computer and be there!

You will have to use their Store Locator to find the nearest Whole Foods near you or another natural food store, since that looks like that is where they are mostly sold here in the United States. There isn't one here in Georgia that I know of, so I guess I will be getting mine through the internet somehow when I use this bottle up. You will also find Recipes on their site to help you with putting some of the right oils with the right foods.

And yes, they are considered NON GMO and have other status's also such as Fair Trade and USDA Organic.

Connect with Emile Noel Artisan Oils:

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Phone:  (707) 824-0119
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