Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Are You Feeding Your Family Healthy & Wholesome Foods?

Natural Food is Healthy and Wholesome

When you want to be assured that your family is being served the healthiest food, buy from a company which lets you bring the freshest and most wholesome food to your table. Also, tasting exceptionally good is a plus factor.

A prime example of such a dedicated company is Harvestland, where USDA-certified organic and all natural pork, chicken and turkey are proudly featured as having no antibiotics administered to the livestock, having only vegetables and no animal by-products added to their feed, and being raised humanely on organic farms in a free range environment. Selected farm families in western Kentucky abandoned unhealthy practices and shared in the visions of animal respect and then healthy eating by consumers. Those family farms were willing and anxious to participate in strict USDA verification programs.

 "All natural" means minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. It is not acceptable to label poultry "all natural" that has been enhanced with broth, water, salt and other ingredients even though it was thought some years ago that such a mixture would make the meat tastier and more tender. However, those additives also made up to 15 percent of the meat’s weight and doubled or tripled its sodium content.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture changed its labeling guidelines from those that had originally maintained that if chicken wasn’t preserved with chemicals or flavored artificially, it could carry the word “natural” on the package. Changes were made after chicken producers and health advocates, with the help of politicians, brought to light that about one-third of chicken that was being sold in the United States was injected with additives.

 A "Tenderness Guarantee" on skinless and boneless chicken breasts is a prized USDA Process Verified label. Additional features of all natural poultry are the lack of excess fat, very clean insides of the chickens and turkeys, added to the better texture and flavor.

Consumers have the right to know that, if they buy fresh unprocessed food, they can assume that nothing is added. If it says all natural, they should expect it to be nothing but poultry in this case.

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