Monday, April 7, 2014

The Snugg Kindle Case Review

I got a new Kindle case & cover for the 8.9" Kindle Fire HD that I just got recently and would love to tell you all about it in case you are in the market to get one for yourself or someone in your family. It is from a company called The Snugg and they make all kinds of cases for different products such as iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, MacBook, Kindles and even some cameras along with some accessories.
I haven't really said too much about my new Kindle, trying to keep it under wraps because I am still in the learning phase and am not really comfortable with it yet to do reviews on it, so I haven't broadcasted it yet. But, when I had this chance to get a really nice cover for it and wanted to go for it, I decided I had to let people know I do in fact have a Kindle Fire HD, the one that is 8.9".

I decided if I was going to do this, I wanted the bigger one so that I could read it. I can't stand small print plus I wanted to be able to really see a movie if that is what we end up doing with it. I haven't decided if I like it enough for book reading and if I don't, then it will be for movies and internet usage.
Main Features:
-     Custom made quality case for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9
-     Integrated stylus loop (pen not included)
-     Stand offers two positions for comfortable viewing
-     Automatically wakes your Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and sleeps when closed
I left the white foamy stuff in where the Kindle would go because it kept glaring back at me and all you would have seen is me holding a camera. At least this way you can actually see where the Kindle should go. 
If you notice on the top part there is a handle in the middle. That is where when you fold that piece to make a stand or if you leave it open that handle becomes a place for you to put part of your hand thru so you are holding onto your Kindle to keep from dropping it. On the backside of that top part is a small place for you to fold and hook the piece so that it becomes a stand. They pretty much thought of everything.  
Okay, to give you a better idea I got some of their pictures so you can see what I mean:

I hope that gives you a much better idea of what I was trying to explain.
Also, if you notice, the inside of the case is a black velour while the outside and the trim is leather. The leather is super soft but easy to keep clean.
Unfortunately, for now, the 8.9" Kindle Fire case only comes in black. And don't worry about protection because they made sure it had extra protection in case you drop it. There is also a velco strip that keeps the Kindle securely in place so it doesn't slip out and all the cut outs are in the right place so you don't have to take your Kindle out to use it, charge it up, use the camera or use Skype. They have even put a loop at the top for you to put your favorite pen or if you have a pointer, like I do, that is where I put it.
This case comes in three sizes for Kindle, which are the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7" and then of course, mine, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9". You can buy these cases either on The Snugg's website or on Amazon, whichever is more convenient for you. It is on sale on The Snugg website for $29.99, which is $10 off of the regular price.
Why Buy From Snugg?

- Snugg Promise
- Worldwide Brand
- Lifetime Guarantee
- Featured by Popular Tech Sites Such as MacWorld, GQ & Many More
- Trusted Brand & Product Used By Google, Coca Cola, Range Rover & Many More
About The Snugg:
The Snugg brand was born early in 2010 with our very first iPad case, one of the directors got an iPad and just couldn’t find a case that he was really happy with and we all knew people who were saying the same thing. After a discussion (and a few drinks) we decided we should produce a quality iPad case that people would love and that’s exactly what we did.

We initially started selling on Amazon ...once we had the cases made and they were a hit straight away and the company saw rapid initial growth because of this and that’s how Snugg was born. We set up in early 2011 and now we now stock a wide range of all kinds of different Snugg products and other people’s and are expanding all the time.
Connect with The Snugg:

Mailing Address (US):
Charon Int Trading Inc
3427 Exchange Avenue, Unit 1
Naples, Florida 34104
Phone:  1-888-414-1738

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.