Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stan Book Review

I have new book to share with you called Stan written by Richard Wold. I am not sure what you would classify it as it is part humor, part fantasy and a little bit of horror all mixed up into one book.
Ever since he survived a suicide attempt, New York artist Stan Foster has not been himself. Plagued by amnesia and a head full of visions of death and destruction that fuel his ever-more disturbing work, he claws his way through a life he doesn’t recognize in search of his true identity. What he finds leads him to believe he is Satan, spit out from the bowels of hell to live among the mortal inhabitants of earth. Is he delusional, or is there truth behind this troubling revelation?

One woman can help him find out. Enter Abigail: lapsed Catholic, lonely city dweller, and psychiatrist with a heart of gold. Meeting Stan makes her question everything she’s believed about faith and humanity for so long, but she must overcome her own troubled background to offer him the redemption he needs—and ultimately wants.
This is actually a pretty good book! I just wasn't sure what the author was going for as I saw it as a little bit of humor, horror and fantasy sort of all rolled up into one. Of course, the subject matter isn't all that funny, as Stan is trying to figure out if he is indeed the Devil as several people are trying to tell him or if he is just plain crazy.
The reason I thought it had humor is that it just was too hilarious to me that this man who tried to jump off a bridge and kill himself could be the devil? What in the world would make him think that he could kill himself? Because ultimately, the Devil is already dead or immortal or whatever you want to call it and the description of him and a few of his "helpers" is sort of on the funny side also.
But, of course, it's no laughing matter when those old friends of his come calling and tell him it's time to get "real" and get back to being who he is suppose to be. But, Stan is starting to like being human and being with Abby, so he is stalling. But, sooner or later he is going to have to make that decision or it will be made for him.
Of course, I didn't see the ending coming and I have a feeling that there will be another book, because it ended rather suddenly and dramatically. I knew those "helpers" weren't going to go quietly! I think the next book will definitely be on the horror side if those two have anything to say on the matter!
I definitely wouldn't classify this book as something that anyone under 14 should read because it might not be appropriate. Otherwise, it's a good, different take on the Devil and what he might be like in a Fantasy/Romance type of book.
Happy Reading! 
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About the Author:
Richard Wold is a business owner and consultant. He currently lives in Gurnee, Illinois. Stan is his first novel.
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