Saturday, April 5, 2014

On Grace Book Review

I have a really good book to share with you today called On Grace written by Susie Orman Schnall.
Grace May is truly excited about turning 40 in a few months. And now that her boys are both in school and she has a stimulating new writing job, the next chapter in her life can finally begin. She can’t wait to rediscover the intelligent and interesting woman deeply buried under the layers of mother and wife. 
But when Grace loses her job and gets unexpected news from her husband and her best friend, life suddenly gets complicated. Grace stands to lose everything: her marriage, her best friend, and her sense of self. But by her 40th birthday party, Grace will realize who and what matter most. With laughter. With tears. With grace. 
ON GRACE embraces themes that will resonate with women who own at least one pair of Spanx: fidelity, friendship, and finding oneself at 40. Readers love it because it’s soulful and sweet, sexy and sad, straight up and smart, and, ultimately, quite satisfying.
This story is so much like real life that you had to laugh and feel sad for Grace when her fairy tale like life that she thought she had doesn't turn out quite like she thought it was. I don't think anyone really has THE perfect life, everyone has something in their lives that isn't quite perfect, but we make the best of it and go on.

This book is a journey of how you handle problems in life and still come out on the other side okay. Grace still has a lot going for her, more than some people do in real life. Yes, she goes thru a rough patch but in the end, I bet a lot of people would trade their life for hers in  a heartbeat.  And it is that what she reflects on and decides that all is not lost and she still has the most basic and simple things in life that are worth fighting for.

This is a great pick me up and dust me off type of book that should inspire you to root for Grace because in doing so, you are also rooting for yourself!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

My debut novel ON GRACE will be available April 2014. I also write for magazines and websites, mostly about family life, health, and wellness. My writing has been published by The New York TimesWestchester Magazine, Serendipity, and others.

Throughout my career I’ve done marketing, communications, and writing work for magazines, Internet companies, nonprofit organizations, and advertising and PR agencies in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

Ever since I was a child, I have found true joy in writing. From my earliest notebooks filled with poems about loves lost to my current essays documenting my journey through motherhood, I have chronicled my life in words. There’s something about an intense scrabble game, a challenging crossword puzzle, an impossible paragraph. It comes down to the words, and words are what I love.

I am also passionate about loads of other things: Friday family movie nights, very dark chocolate (especially with little crunchies in them), warm beaches, evolving, romantic comedies, Jane Austen and Jeffrey Archer, party dresses, hiking, raising resilient kids, dinner parties, punctuality, Saturday night happy hour with my husband, balance, boot camp, kale shakes, true friends, thank you notes, and optimism.

I grew up in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, and I was valedictorian of my high school. From there I traveled east and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where I studied communications and English. Now, I live just outside New York City with my husband and our three hilarious boys.

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