Sunday, April 13, 2014

Liberté New Flavors and the Whole Milk Yogurt Trend

I have some really awesome new flavors to share with you from Liberté Méditerranée and they are the Lime and Orange-Mango. I do however have to admit that I couldn't find them in any of our local grocery stores so I can't tell you specifically what those two flavors taste like but I did get four other flavors to try and loved them! There was originally 7 flavors but now with these 2 added in, there will be 9 flavors in all to choose from!
We had searched 4 different stores and waited 2 weeks but when we couldn't find those two, I just went ahead and got these four so I could go ahead and tell you about Liberté Méditerranée and these awesome yogurts with Whole Milk. As of April 1st, they came out with new packaging and those 2 new flavors. I bet if you live in a more populated area, you will probably see these in your stores but because I live in the North Georgia mountains, I guess our stores didn't pick these up, although we are getting the other flavors. As soon as I see them out, I will get them and revise this review.  
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I do have to admit that I loved the Strawberry flavor the best out of the bunch so far but I haven't gone thru some of the other flavors so that may change later. They have a special way of making their yogurt and until you try Liberte', you won't know what you are missing!
They use whole milk and cream that is selected to create an indulgently silky texture. The live, active cultures add a layer of deep flavor that is punctuated with bold, real fruit. And the best part is that they do not add gelatin, sugar substitutes or preservatives to these awesome yogurts! There is an article that they point to that suggest Whole Milk may keep us more lean. I have provided the link for you to go and read that article so you will understand why they made this yogurt with Whole Milk.
I really enjoyed the French Vanilla yogurt also. And just so you know, Liberte' does also have Greek Yogurt too in 6 flavors if you are more into that type of yogurt. I, myself love them both and will go back and forth depending on what I need that week.
You can check out Liberte' on their Facebook also or join them on Twitter
The other flavor that I got to try was the Wild Blueberry, which is another favorite flavor of mine. I added some whole blueberries and a tad bit of granola and made this lunch one day.
The Blackberry flavor was just as good and this was the one that Mike liked the best. He did add some granola and nuts to this, which made this a real treat! That's the beauty of a well made yogurt, if it's made right, you can add all kinds of healthy alternatives to your yogurt and use them for meals. It's just another healthy way to aid in helping you either lose some weight or maintain what you have.
Here is 2 questions and answers that I really thought was important:
Do Liberté® products contain antibiotics?  
Like all yogurt producers, Liberté must conduct analyses on the milk it uses to make yogurt and is prohibited from including milk that contains antibiotics.
Do Liberté products contain gluten?  
Our products are not made with any ingredients that contain gluten. We conduct rigorous internal testing to confirm that all of our products are gluten free.
“Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Liberte Yogurt through Platefull Co-Op.”