Sunday, April 6, 2014

Leather Conditioner & Restorer by Leather Nova Review

I have a really great leather conditioner to tell you about from a company called Leather Nova that I have been using on our new leather furniture that we got back in February. I wanted to make sure that our investment stayed beautiful and in good shape for many years to come and I think I have found the perfect solution!
Here are some main features:
● Provides safe and durable protection to new and old leather surfaces.
● Adds a shine and suppleness to leather.
● Monthly use prevents premature cracking and drying.
● Leaves a rich leather fragrance after application.
Water, snow and rain repellent.
● Non-Toxic
Of course, it can do more than just help with leather furniture and here are some additional idea's:
● Makes shoes/boots shiny and soft.
● Gives leather jackets that extra protection they need.
● Useful for small leather accessories such as bags, purses, wallets and belts.
● Restores, conditions & protects all types of leather furniture.
● Rejuvenates your leather car interiors and seats of your motorcycle.
● Restores and protects sporting and equestrian goods.
● 100% safe to use on exotic leathers too.
● Not suitable for suede.
Each bottle comes with this awesome buffing pad that I used to help make sure I didn't damage our furniture by using something that might cause scratches or places that might be noticeable or hurt the two leather couches that we have. The foam applicator is free when you order the Leather Conditioner.
Check out this video to see how it helps leather look it's best:
Please follow these directions to make sure you get the most out of your Leather Conditioner:
  • Before conditioning, you need to make sure that the leather surface is free from dust and dirt. To clean the leather surface, dampen a cloth with a mixture of mild soap and water. Wipe the leather surface gently with the cloth. Do not put too much water on the leather as it can harm your leather. Let the surface dry completely. Alternatively, use a leather cleaner to clean the surface.
  • Always test the conditioner on a small concealed area first rather than applying the conditioner all over the leather surface.
  • Apply a thin coat of Leather Nova conditioner using the enclosed Foam applicator. You can also use your hand, clean paint brush, a sponge or a microfiber cloth. Just make sure that you apply the Leather Nova conditioner in a thin even layer. You can always reapply more as needed.
  • Massage the conditioner onto the leather surface in a circular motion. Allow to dry for 1 hour.
  • If you find any excess conditioner after 1 hour, buff dry with help of a dry microfiber or a lint free cloth. Reapply the Leather Nova Conditioner, if necessary.
  • Very old and dry leather surfaces may require two coats.
  • Use once a month for ultimate protection. Monthly use maintains natural suppleness and helps restore old leather to its original condition

I think that you will love this product once you have tried it. It also has a 90 day Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it and I think that speaks for itself. Most companies I have found don't make that kind of statement if they don't believe or back their product 100% and that says a lot about the product.

All I can say is that our furniture is still looking good and I hope to keep it that way. We don't have leather seats in our car or I would have tried it on that but I think if it works this well on furniture, then it must be just as good on car seats. I did use it on mine and Mike's leather boots and they look amazing!

So, I do know that it works on leather furniture and leather shoes. They look positively just like new (shoes) as they are the oldest, I wanted to see if I could bring back a little of their former glory and was very happy with the results. Our furniture is still pretty new so as time wears on, I will get even more data on them, but I think by starting out from the start using a leather conditioner, I have gotten ahead of the game!

You can purchase this product on Amazon.
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