Thursday, April 17, 2014

Layla's Gale Book Review

I have a new YA Fantasy book to share with you called Layla's Gale written by Nicole Pouchet.
Life is finally on track for fledgling stage actress Layla Cohen until she realizes her gorgeous new director, Sebastian, is the star of the erotic dreams which she’s been having for months. She could handle the uncomfortable work situation if not for the further evidence she’s losing her mind: The wind suddenly whooshes at her command; memories of a past life emerge; and she’s sure someone is trying to kill her. 
Meanwhile, director Sebastian Tawanti is steering his small D.C. theater company into the big-time with his Incan mythology-based play. The culmination of his life’s work, he won’t let anything stand in the way of his play’s success–not his mother’s objections, not the inappropriate heat he feels for Layla, and not even the mysterious, empathic symptoms he’s experienced since meeting her. 
As Layla and Sebastian struggle with new love and burgeoning power, a sinister force unravels to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will they learn the truth behind the Incan script in time to save their lives, the love they’re destined to share, and the future of humanity?
Layla doesn't realize it yet but her world is about to change big time! This was a fascinating book that deals with the Inca Indians and their myth about the nine warriors that are suppose to save the world or at least their people.
In the beginning of the story it tells of the past and the mother who had all the daughters and son-in-laws, which makes up the nine warriors but somehow something went wrong and she ended up having to seal them up in an underground cave with their souls intact for the next go around.
Seems that they have been doing this over and over but they had never been in the same time all together and the mother had thought that this time would have been perfect because they were all there at the same time, but as best laid plans sometimes do, it didn't happen.
Fast forward to our time and here we are introduced to Layla. She is one of the warriors but she doesn't know it yet. And the director is her soul mate but of course it takes awhile for them to get the whole thing. People are coming in between them and then there is the whole business of him being her boss in the movie about these Inca warriors. Everyone thinks it's just a myth, but is it really?
If you love reading YA Fantasy books then you will love reading this one! Ah, to be young again!
Happy Reading! 
About the Author:
Still amazed to be an adult, Nicole co-owns a marketing agency and writes paranormal romance novels. She has managed to center her life around raising her two small sons and being true to her family (including husband and friends), and is happiest near the water.
Nicole wrote a weekly column about life’s mysterious and mundane moments called “A Discerning Eye” for her local branch of AOL’s news website, Patch. Her poetry and articles have been published in journals including Executive PieSacramento Poetry CornerMother Earth JournalLummox JournalPoetry NowPoetry Motel, and The Duke University Archives.
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