Saturday, April 19, 2014

CritterZone Air Purifier Review

We recently got to try an air purifier from CritterZone that has been nothing short of AMAZING! I have tried other means to hide some of Charlie's doggie odors and they all seem to fall short but I have finally found something that really and truly does work! We were sent the Wall Unit and we really have had it plugged in non-stop!
Wall Units are also perfect for:
  • Puppies: Pee Pads are great for training!  Add a CritterZone to keep away the smell without your young, furry friend chewing on any cords.
  • Dog Kennels: Any area that a pet is contained to is an odor and allergen source. Now it's easy to keep the air fresh and healthy all day long. 
  • Litter Box: CritterZones work FAST and CONTINUALLY so you never have to smell your kitty's business!
  • Ferret and Larger Cages: Ferrets LOVE to play!  Keep them SAFE with a cordless Wall Unit dedicated to keeping their area smelling clean.
  • Kitchens: Can even help with germs on counter surfaces!  Great for removing odors after cooking, too.
  • Garbages: In the kitchen, bathroom or garage, it's easy 24/7 odor control for any garbage area.
  • Laundry and Mud Rooms:  Keep a Wall Unit plugged in where your family keeps dirty laundry or stores the household collection of shoes.

The air just smells so darn good! Even better than the rest of the house. I can tell the minute I walk into the kitchen where we keep it plugged into the wall by Charlie's food and water bowl that the air just smells much more fresh and it's really hard to explain, but it's all in a good, positive way.
The CritterZone Air Naturalizer technology was developed to specifically handle the strongest of pet odors, especially cat urine.  CritterZone was designed and tested to handle odor sources that are naturally part of having pets: Urine, Feces, Glands, Breath, Gas, Pet Food, Cages and Kennels, and more.
This is the unit plugged into the wall and as you can see, there will be a blue light that comes on to let you know it's on but you will also hear a very light whirling noise that tells you the fan is on also. They do have other kinds of units such as the ones you can take with you in your car if you travel with your pet. You can also get one that is corded if you don't want it to necessarily go in the wall.
After the initial clean-up, the Air Naturalizer maintains the energized elements throughout the 800-square-foot space. This means the air is ready to deal with new challenges immediately. That helps maintain a clean, fresh environment in your living space. We did as they recommended and started our unit at the LOW position and increase as needed, allowing 24-hours between setting changes. It didn't take long at all to get that room smelling awesome!
Product Description:
Air Naturalizers are different from air purifiers.  Unlike air purification, the Air Naturalization Process is an innovative technology designed to mimic the natural air-cleaning process that happens outdoors between the sun and odor pollutants.  CritterZone Air Naturalizers provides indoor air with same the energy the sun provides outdoor air with to clean itself.  No filters to just "catch" stuff in the air.  Instead a revolutionary new technology that utilizes a natural process already found outdoors.
About CritterZone:
William Converse is the president and inventor of the CritterZone. He has three decades of experience in the air purification industry.

Converse launched Alpine Industries in the 1980s, when he developed a product that helped rid the air of contaminants. His wife noticed her headaches stopped when she was around the air purifier. Converse realized he was onto something, but the company he was working for at the time wasn’t interested in the technology he was inventing. He started his own company, and it quickly became a springboard for numerous product successes, including air purifiers. Alpine grew from revenues of $7 million in 1994 to $187 million in 1997.

As his product lines grew, Converse became a pioneer of non-filter air cleaning technology, especially in the home. He has served on the board of Indoor Air Quality and is a sought-after consultant in the air-quality industry. Converse has been a guest on numerous radio programs and has testified at a Congressional hearing on air quality issues. He has been invited to speak at several university-sponsored indoor air quality conferences. He has shared his knowledge at an air-quality symposium of advanced oxidation techniques at University of Beijing, as well as air-quality conferences in Canada and Japan and a medical conference in Mexico.
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Nancy Loring said...

With 3 dogs and two cats and a house that has been closed up all winter I sure could use the air purifier. I never realized that there was such a thing.

Melissa Marinho said...

I am ALWAYS trying to mask the odors of my 2 lovely, but stinky chihuahuas. Yes, they are small, but BOY can they get stinky! I have tried wall fragrance units to no avail, so I am so glad I came across this post. I am definitely going to try this out! Thanks so much for your review!!