Friday, April 18, 2014

A Sensible Arrangement Book Review

I have another great book to share with you from Tracie Peterson called A Sensible Arrangement, which is a Lone Star Bride's story.

Marty Dandridge Olson is ready to leave behind the pain of the past. 
Answering an advertisement for a “Lone Star bride,” she leaves her Texas ranch and heads to Denver to marry a man she doesn’t know. 
Jake Wythe is the man waiting for her. 
Burned by love, he marries now simply to satisfy the board of Morgan Bank, which believes a man of his standing in society should be wed. Together Jake and Marty agree they are done with romance and love and will make this nothing more than a marriage of convenience. 
When missing money and a collapsing economy threaten his job, Jake’s yearning to return to ranching grows ever stronger, much to Marty’s dismay. But a fondness has grown between them, as well, further complicating matters.
My thoughts:

I have to admit that women of that time really had a rough time. I know we think we have it bad now, but at least we have more options now. Back then, if you weren't married, it was like a big social stigma. So, I guess I can see where someone might agree to marry a man from an ad in the paper. Although, it would scare the heck out of me, who knows if he intends to kill you once you get there? I always think the worse, I guess, but I can see where a killer might like the idea of his victims coming to him.

Martha takes a huge risk and for that, she is a true heroine, and she proves it by doing some pretty courageous stuff once she gets to Colorado. Back then, they were a silver state and the banks traded a good bit in silver and gold.

But, then bad times hit and everything is up in the air, financially and personally for both Martha and Jake. Her lasting memories of her first husband haunt her but she is beginning to feel something for Jake. And Jake is worried about the bank, the thousands of people out of work and what he feels for Martha.

Will they be able to put it all on the line and finally open up to each other? It takes these bad times to make them both see clearly for the first time since they had gotten married. Hopefully, it's not too late.

Happy Reading! 

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