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A Promise in Pieces Book Review

I have a really awesome book to share with you that is part of the Quilts of Love series, called A Promise in Pieces written by Emily T. Wierenga.
It’s been more than 50 years since Clara cared for injured WWII soldiers in the Women’s Army Corp. Fifty years since she promised to deliver a dying soldier’s last wish. And 50 years since that soldier’s young widow gave her the baby quilt—a grief-ridden gift that would provide hope to countless newborns in the years to come.  
On her way to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Clara decides it’s time to share her story. But when the trip doesn’t go as planned, Clara wonders if anyone will learn the great significance of the quilt—and the promise stitched inside it.
Clara really did lead a full life! She was one of those people who seem to know what to do and how to do it. She never hesitated during the war and knew she needed to go to France and help out with the wounded soldiers.

That journey is what started her on her life quest and she became someone who wanted to help others because she felt so blessed herself. Yes, there are ups and downs in our life but it is how we choose to handle them is what makes us what we are. In the long run, Clara decided to see the light and lived her life accordingly.

Once Clara realized that all the people in her life that she had met all had a special "light" about them and they knew that they had a purpose. Clara also realized that God loved her no matter which path she chose to follow, just like he loves all of us. Clara realized she had some good years ahead of her and stopped feeling sorry for herself and got busy helping others less fortunate than her.

It's a hard life out there and it's how you choose to accept that and live your life the best that you can that will determine how happy you are in this present life. This book is a good example of how you can go about being happy and it will give you some inspiration.

Happy Reading!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses Review

I recently got to review some different and unique type of glasses from Ozeri called the Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses. I got a set of 8 and they sure did come in handy recently with a wedding that we had to attend.

Main Features:
  • Set of 8 heat and shatter-resistant borosilicate glasses that each holds 8 oz
  • Each glass features two opposing mouth-blown dimples that allow for a natural and effortless grip.
  • Patent-pending double wall design that suspends drinks within an inner wall, creating an engaging optical effect.
  • Designed to keep your hands cool with hot drinks, and free of condensation with chilled beverages.
  • Microwave and freezer safe. Ships in an elegant 4 color printed box with a 1 Year Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • I am not sure if you can tell this or not, but there are indentions all around the glass that make it very easy to grasp the glass and that is something that I appreciate because with RA and Fibromyalgia, I need all the help I can get not to drop things! These glasses are very thick and very sturdy. I was amazed though at how lightweight they felt given that they looked like they might be heavy. Looks can be deceiving and that is a good thing for these particular glasses.

    Here is why they are so sturdy:
    Made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, the Moderna belongs to the Ozeri Artisan Series of award-winning handcrafted drinkware. Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass, shatter-resistant, and with the Moderna's double-walled design, it offers the ultimate insulation to maintain drinks at their ideal temperature. The Moderna's opposing mouth-blown dimples make for a natural and effortless grip.
    Another great reason you will love these glasses is that each glass is made to keep your hands cool even with your hottest drinks, and free of condensation with your chilled beverages! I was skeptical myself until I made some hot tea one day and instead of using my teacup, I used one of these glasses and I was stunned that I could hold the glass without it being too hot to handle.
    The patent-pending Moderna is great for coffee, cappuccinos, hot or iced teas, cocktails, frozen beverages and much more. It can be a glass of wine, coffee, or some other beverage, borosilicate glass is completely resistant to acids (like from cokes, which Mike drinks a lot of), and your Ozeri glasses will never lose their original sheen. To me, this is huge since Mike is bad to leave glasses out on the counter filled with whatever he was drinking. I have scolded him I don't know how many times. We have coffee cups with coffee stains all on the inside, making them look dirty all the time, but it's just stains!
    Each set contains eight handmade 12 oz glasses designed for lifetime use. The Moderna glasses are completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, and ship in an elegantly printed and carefully packaged box with a 1 year warranty.

    All in all, these are really a great set of glasses! I had quite a few people ask me where they could get a set and I referred them to Ozeri and to Amazon where you can buy them. They do have them in smaller sets, so you can get them in sets of 2 and 4, if you need them in smaller quantities. They also have a smaller sized glass if you don't like the tall glasses. I, myself prefer the tall glasses versus the shorter ones.

    Ozeri makes a lot of different products as you have seen me in the past write about them. I love their bathroom and kitchen scales along with a frying pan that I recently reviewed. They have great products and so far I haven't had not a single one of them tear up or fall apart.  It's a name that you can trust to deliver on what they say. Check them out on their online website and have some fun trying  to decide what you would like to try first. 

    About Ozeri:
    Ozeri Corporation, an emerging consumer brand in the specialty housewares market serving Europe, Asia, and the United States, offers a variety of highly acclaimed household items. The company made its debut supplying five-star vacation destination resorts, with luxurious amenities to fill all kitchen, bathroom, entertainment, and personal needs.  
    The products increasingly have entered the consumer market, where word of mouth and a loyal customer base allow Ozeri to circumvent traditional marketing expenses and offer uncommonly low prices. Ozeri’s durable, innovatively constructed products for entertainment, fitness, food preparation, and home accessories combine utility with sleek design, inspiring long-term customer satisfaction.  
    Connect with Ozeri several ways:

    Mailing Address:

    Ozeri USA
    6755 Mira Mesa Blvd.  Suite 123-239
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Phone: 1-877-299-1296
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    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.    

    Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

    I recently was sent this amazing blood pressure monitoring system and boy, did we sure need it! Mike is constantly stopping by the drugstore to check his and this will now enable him to do it here in the privacy of our home. Not that we have anything to hide, but you know, who wants a bunch of people standing around waiting and watching?
    This was given to us by Ozeri  and it's their Cardio Tech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor. What a mouthful, huh? I have just been calling it the Blood Pressure Monitor. Of course, for you guys, you need to know the full name so that you get the right one if you decide to get one for yourself or a loved one.
    Here is the benefits of this particular model:
    *New intelligent voice-guided feature alerts you to the proper positioning of your wrist for accurate blood pressure measurements.
    *Automatically provides an audible hypertension assessment via a new talking function (as well as a display on the LCD screen).
    *Portable, accurate, and simple-to-use with clinically proven technology, stores 180 blood pressure readings (90 x 2 users) with date and time recordings.
    *Automatic Irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) detection and Hypertension Indicator.
    *Push-button access to average blood pressure readings based on all readings in memory, AM versus PM readings, or the 3 most recent readings.

    This does require 2 AAA batteries, which was included in the box, so that was a big help. As you can see, this goes on the wrist, not high up on the arm. You can buy this awesome Cardio Tech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor on Amazon.
    I have to admit, I am not very good with technical stuff so it took me longer than probably somebody who knows this stuff better than me, but we finally got it to work.  
    CardioTech products offer clinically proven technology and are used by physicians and hospitals around the world. Compact, portable and simple-to-use, the Ozeri CardioTech BP5K Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced wrist cuff monitor with a new intelligent voice-guided feature that alerts you to the proper positioning of your wrist for accurate blood pressure measurements. The audible voice also automatically provides a hypertension assessment after each measurement.  
    With ample memory, the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor stores up to 180 blood pressure readings with date and time memory recall (90 readings x 2 users), and automatically classifies each blood pressure reading according to World Health Organization hypertension guidelines.
    It calculates average blood pressure readings based on all readings in memory, AM versus PM readings, or the 3 most recent readings. The Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor also detects irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) for an improved understanding of your heart's health. Backed by a 5 year warranty, the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor ships with 2 AAA batteries included, a carrying case and user manual.
    I have to admit, it's kind of great having a voice tell you what it says because all I know is to look at the numbers and I understand what the top one is and what the bottom on is and thankfully, I know what my good blood pressure should be and what it has been.  So, in that respect at least I do know something and I don't panic when it's a little high or so.

    The great thing is that it's small enough to be portable so it can be stuffed into an overnight bag or regular suitcase so it's perfect for travelling. Nothing more irritating than to have to make unexpected stops along the way. So, I bet this will be going with on many a road trip and I would even say that I can hear Mike now, asking people if they want their blood pressure taken.

    And as you can definitely see, it's the right size to tuck into something while travelling. The Blood Pressure kit is small enough that it shouldn't be a problem in the car or in a plane. The actual dimensions of this is:

  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.8 inches ; 10.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
    Ozeri makes a lot of different products as you have seen me in the past write about them. I love their bathroom and kitchen scales along with a frying pan that I recently reviewed. They have great products and so far I haven't had not a single one of them tear up or fall apart.  It's a name that you can trust to deliver on what they say. Check them out on their online website and have some fun trying  to decide what you would like to try first.

    Happy Christmas Shopping!

    Connect with Ozeri:

    Mailing Address
    6755 Mira Mesa Blvd.
    Suite 123-239
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Phone:  877-299-1296
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    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.

    Coping Book Review

    I have a really good YA Fantasy book to share with you called Coping, a Girl With Broken Wings series, written by J. Bennett.
    This exciting follow-up to Falling (Book one of the Girl With Broken Wings series) finds Maya intent on joining her half-brothers in their secret war against the genetically-enhanced killers that call themselves angels. Still trying to cope with her new abilities and the hunger that threatens to overwhelm her, Maya may be more of a hindrance than a help to her brothers as they take on a new mission and make a grisly discovery.
    Coping is a fast-paced novella that brings readers back into Maya’s darkly-humorous world where angels are not the good guys, the heroes don’t wear tights, and getting in over your head just means it’s Tuesday. Join Maya, Gabe and Tarren for more blood, bullets, and Chuck Norris jokes in Coping.
    My Thoughts:
    If you love YA Fantasy type stories, then you will want to follow this series. This is the 2nd book and I have already read the first book also. This is one serious series that deals with these people who are turned into something like Death Angels who just want to go around sucking the life force out of humans.
    It's a good take on a different kind of Zombie because these aren't dead people and they look just like you and me. It would be hard to tell them apart and unfortunately, you wouldn't know it until it's too late.
    Which is where Gabe and Tarren come in who happen to be Maya's half brothers but also they hunt and kill the Death Angels. Unfortunately, Maya was given the same toxic shots that turn her into a half angel herself. She is fighting it and trying to do the right thing, but the urges sure are strong.
    She makes it through this book but I wonder what will happen in the next one? If she is ever given that last dose, she will turn 100% and then there won't be any saving her from Tarren or Gabe. This story has a little bit of everything in it, sibling quabbles, monsters, humor and darkness.
    Thankfully, there isn't any bad language and the scenes aren't overly graphic so it's age appropriate for young teens.
    Happy Reading!
    About the Author:
    J Bennett is a professional copywriter and copyeditor in San Diego where she lives with her adorable bunny, Avalon.

    Falling is the first book in the Girl With Broken Wings series.  Learn more about Falling at
    Works by J Bennett
    Girl With Broken WingsFalling (Book One)
    Coping (Novella, 1.5)
    (Book Two), To Be Released Jan 2013

    The Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles#1 Employment Interview With A Vampire (Short Story)
    #2 The Vampire Hunter Comes to Call (Short Story)
    #3 Duel With The Werefrog (Short Story)

    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.

    Monday, April 28, 2014

    Barbar Auto Curling Iron Giveaway**Closed**

    Barbar Auto Curling Iron Giveaway Apr 28 - May 5, 2014 Open to US   

    Bringing You Moments To Celebrate
    Barbar Auto Curl Mothers Day

    Sponsored by Barbar Organized by Celebrate Woman Today Co-Hosted by Koupon Krazed, Barbara's Beat, Peanut Butter And Whine, A Little Bit of Everything, Mommies Playground

    With Barbar Auto Curl, You Can Have Hollywood Curls and Hair Do's That Match Your Style, Your Personality, And Do It Effectively & Quickly.

    I have not personally reviewed this Barbar Auto Curling Iron, but have heard of the brand and I do know that they are very good products. This one in particular seems to be a very good looking product and I wouldn't mind having one myself! I know my granddaughter  would love it also. She is always looking for the next "big" item in hair care!
    Hollywood is all rave about this nifty and very effective hair tool – Barbar Auto Curling Iron. Be it a salon or home use, you will look like a million dollar gal ready to walk out and shine. The 'WOW' effect is hidden in a revolutionary technology of this curling iron. All you need to do is to place your well-combed section of hair within the titanium curl chamber and wait for a few seconds for the "ready" beep.

    The iron chamber does everything on the autopilot for you, just keep feeding it your sections of hair until you achieve the desired look. You decide how curly you want to be. It is your call what side, right or left, each curl shows itself off. And it works for both short and long hair! Here are some cool features Barbar Auto Curl would offer to any of its owners.
    • Titanium curl chamber with maximum heat of 428ºF for long lasting results
    • Powerful heating system ready to use in seconds with ultra-fast heat recovery
    • Curl direction setting
    • Multiple heat settings
    • Curl timer setting (for more loose or tighter curls)
    • Suitable for shorter and longer hair lengths
    • Digital temperature display & control
    • Heat ready indicator
    • Auto shut off (after 60min)
    • Salon length swivel cord (8ft)
    For those who would like to research and discover the best with least radiation hair tools available at BARBAR world of hair tools and accessories, here's a coupon for 40% Off any Barbar product – celebratemom40. For those of you who would like the excitement of this giveaway to tickle your blood vessels – spring into it now and and enter as many entries as you wish. Thank you for being our amazing fans!

    Prize – BARBAR Digital Auto Curling Iron, $210 Value
    Complete the tasks below to earn entries into this giveaway.
    Refer your friends using your Unique Link inside Rafflecopter to earn even more entries to win.
    Ends at 11:59pm EDT on May 5, 2014

    Through the Deep Waters Book Review

    If you like reading books that the author wrote in a different time period, then you will love Through the Deep Waters written by Kim Vogel Sawyer.
    Born to an unloving prostitute in a popular Chicago brothel, timid seventeen-year-old Dinah Hubley was raised amidst the secrets held in every dark, grimy room of her home. Anxious to escape, Dinah pursues her dream of becoming a Harvey Girl, waiting tables along the railroad in an upscale hotel. But when she finds out she isn’t old enough, her only option is to accept a job as a chambermaid at the Clifton Hotel in Florence, Kansas. Eager to put everything behind her, Dinah feels more worthless than ever, based on a single horrible decision she made to survive.

    The Clifton offers a life Dinah has never known, but blinded to the love around her, Dinah remains buried in the shame of her past. When a handsome chicken farmer named Amos Ackerman starts to show interest, Dinah withdraws further, convinced no one could want a sullied woman like her.  Despite his self-consciousness about his handicapped leg and her strange behavior, Amos resolves to show Dinah Christ’s love. But can she ever accept a gift she so desperately needs?
    You are going to love this story! It has a little bit of everything in it, mostly romance & love, but also a mystery that could hurt Dinah if Amos finds out.

    Dinah had a few incidents when she was a young girl and she managed to escape when she saw her moment to do so. But, as with all secrets, they eventually come out, and Dinah will have to lean on God and her new friend Ruthie.

    The other person in this drama, Amos, who is suppose to be a Christian, loses control when he finds out about her secret and here is where he disappoints me. I thought all Christian's are suppose to forgive and help the sinner get saved.

    This story is a lesson that needs to be taken seriously. I firmly believe in telling the truth and especially if it's someone who you love and might get to be with as husband and wife. Other than that, she did the best that she could. I am not talking about the small white lies we tell to spare someone's feelings, but the big ones that could ruin a person's life.

    Like I said earlier, it is a good story and worth reading because it deals in all kinds of emotions and people. You will love and hate some of the characters sometimes, but in the end you will keep on reading because it's just too darn entertaining not to!

    Happy Reading!

    "I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review." All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.

    Magnolia Gods Book Review

    I have a really good mystery/romance book to share with you called Magnolia Gods written by Thomas Hollyday.
    River Sunday Romance Mysteries, series, Book 2:  On July 4, 1946, Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union. The top-secret plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean before he could succeed with his traitorous action. His body, and the wreck of the plane, were lost at sea.

    Mike Howard runs a small aviation museum, and, several decades later, his war-hero family still feels the sting of Lawson's unpatriotic actions. When Mike is pressured by Lawson's grandson, Jesse, to mount a search for the traitor's corpse, his first instinct is to vehemently refuse. However, his scholarly instincts quickly get drawn into the hunt, and he soon realizes that there is much more to the story. As Mike's corporate sponsors passionately lobby for him to stop stirring up old issues, it is made clear to him just how tangled the web of espionage has become.

    Soon bodies are dropping like flies and Mike is forced on the run. He desperately unravels the threads of deceit, scrambling for the truth before his own life - and the lives of those he loves - are brutally added to the list of sacrificed men of conscience.
    This is a really good mystery with a dash of romance thrown in! This is the same author who wrote China Jewel and it was also sent in River Sunday, although the characters are totally different and this has nothing to do with a sailing boat. This is about a seaplane that disappeared right after WWII and right from the start, I figured that this poor doctor had been falsely accused of being a traitor.

    Mike is hired to figure out what happened and even though there is some killing in the book, it does not describe them or really give any bad descriptions. It's just part of the story and then it moves on. So, you won't have to worry about anything gory or upsetting. It's what I call a soft mystery and it can't be all bad if there is romance thrown in also!

    You will be cheering the heroes on in this one and hoping that something good comes out of all this chaos. I really got into this book a lot more than I did China Jewel, even though I like it also, this one really stepped up a notch and was really in the zone of what I call a great mystery!

    Happy Reading!

    About the Author: 
    Thomas Hollyday (1942-present) was born in Easton, Maryland. His father was an acclaimed photographer and his mother a brilliant teacher.His father's family were active in the history of Maryland since its settlement while his mother's family were prominent in Democratic Party politics.
    His grandmother's family descended from a well known German industrial family of Baltimore. He grew up in the southern atmosphere of the Eastern Shore with its maritime and military heritage. He studied writing with Elliott Coleman at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and with C.Michael Curtis of the Atlantic Monthly.
    He served with distinction in Vietnam and became a successful international businessman. He also drew illustrations for national magazines and published maritime and Civil War history. He currently edits the Wet Their Whistles newsletter for animal water rights ( He draws the popular humorous Animal Viewpoint Cartoons for newspapers. He continues to please his fans with new novels in his River Sunday Romance Mysteries collection.
    I thought this book was so good that I wanted one of you to be able to enjoy it also. If you like soft mysteries with a touch of romance, then this will be the book for you. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

    Defy The Night Book Review

    I have a new thriller from Heather Munn and Lydia Munn called Defy The Night. This is a historical book but also a Young Adult book that you will seriously want to read. I am forever amazed at the people who lived during this time!

    In the midst of war, one teenager is determined to make a difference.
    If no one will do anything, she'll have to do it herself. 
    In 1941 France is still "free." But fifteen-year-old Magali is frustrated by the cruel irony of pretending life is normal when food is rationed, new clothes are a rarity, and most of her friends are refugees. And now the government is actually helping the Nazis. Someone has got to do something, but it seems like no one has the guts—until Paquerette arrives. 
    Smuggling refugee children is Paquerette's job. And she asks Magali to help. 
    Working with Paquerette is scary and exhausting, but Magali never doubts that it is the right thing to do. Until her brash actions put those she loves in danger.
    You can purchase this book on Kregel Publications.
    These stories always haunt me because as a little girl, my father was in the Army and we lived for about 6 years in Germany and I belonged to the Brownies & Girl Scouts and back then we did a lot of Field Trips and travelled all over Germany. We got to see some amazing things but we also got to see some terrible things, such as the concentration camps and the ovens. I will never forget the ovens!
    And the really bad part was that the Germans still hated the Americans and I happened to be riding my bike one day when a German boy older than me chased me down the street with a baseball bat! So, after that, I rarely left the base unless my parents were with me. But, not all of them were mean, we had some really nice German friends, it was a very eye opening experience.
    I don't know if I would have had the courage that these girls had at that time. If they had been caught smuggling these children out, Gosh only knows what might have happened to them all. These girls took the children to what they called the Free Zone where there weren't many soldiers and the ones that were there, were not mean at all.
    You really need to read this book and discover that how the young girls accomplished what they did and how they risked their lives to help these children. In spite of the war, some good came out of the darkness that descended upon Europe!
    Happy Reading!
    About the Authors:
    Heather Munn was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in southern France where her parents were missionaries like their parents before them. She has a BA in literature from Wheaton College and now lives in a Christian intentional community in rural Illinois, where she and her husband, Paul, host free spiritual retreats for the poor, especially those transitioning out of homelessness or addiction. When not writing or hosting, she works on the communal farm.  
    Lydia Munn, daughter of missionary parents, grew up in Brazil. With husband Jim she has worked in church planting since 1983, notably in St. Etienne, near the small town in the central mountains of France which forms the background of How Huge the Night. She is Heather's mother.

    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.  

    She Can Fly Book Review

    I have a book I wanted to tell you about called She Can Fly written by Michael G. Gabel and lived by Kerry Keyes.
    A young woman's harrowing journey across state lines to escape an endless cycle of abuse. Raised in a comfortable middle class neighborhood in America's Midwest, Kerry's seduction by a master manipulator plunges her into a world of deceit and violence. Forced to perform illegal acts to keep herself alive and her family intact, she spirals downward, ending up behind bars. As the web of deception intensifies, Kerry's relentless quest for freedom takes her from prisoner to fugitive. Living under a false identity buys her time, but luck runs out...  
    From St. Louis to Denver to San Francisco and back, Kerry's story grabs and won't let go. Ultimately a testimony to resilience, courage and love of family, She Can Fly is a frightening adrenaline rush that reads like true crime-a poignant cautionary tale, culminating in redemption, justice, and hope.
    I knew when I started reading this book that this girl, Kerry was way out of her depth. She really had no self confidence and I don't understand that but I guess it happens, because there seems to be a lot of that going around.
    I have always been a strong willed girl and woman and I don't take anything from anybody. I have never let anyone push me around, much less hit me. I think that somehow these type of men can spot someone who isn't sure of themselves from a mil. e away because they always seem to end up with one who won't leave or call the law for help. It's almost like an invisible contract between the two that can't be broken.

    I also wasn't sure why she kept getting pregnant. At some point, wouldn't you do something? But, again, I guess if you are poor, what can you do?  The whole story was really sad, especially when she kept going to jail for things that he made her do. She didn't even get any of the money from the check fraud, he got it all, but she went to jail. Now, see if it had been me as the judge, or prosecutor, I would have tried him right along because he knew that he was spending money that was stolen.

    This is just a sad, sad story and it made me realize how lucky I am. I may be disabled and getting old, but at least I didn't live a life like Kerry did. I got to enjoy my youth and will have fond memories to look back on. Hopefully, this book will open some eyes somewhere and someone will get the help that they desperately need.

    Happy Reading!

    About the Author:

    Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Michael G. Gabel studied English and Fine Art at Dartmouth College. He now lives in Los Angeles where he works as a writer and artist.

    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 

    Tempting Fate Book Review

    I have a good book that I want to share with all of you called Tempting Fate written by Jane Green.
    From Jane Green, the New York Times bestselling author of such beloved novels as Jemima J, The Beach House, Another Piece of My Heart, comes an enthralling and emotional story about how much we really understand the temptations that can threaten even the most idyllic of relationships….

    Gabby and Elliott have been happily married for eighteen years. They have two teenaged daughters. They have built a life together. Forty-three year old Gabby is the last person to have an affair. She can’t relate to the way her friends desperately try to cling to the beauty and allure of their younger years… 
    And yet, she too knows her youth is quickly slipping away. She could never imagine how good it would feel to have a handsome younger man show interest in her—until the night it happens. Matt makes Gabby feel sparkling, fascinating, alive—something she hasn't felt in years.  
    What begins as a long-distance friendship soon develops into an emotional affair as Gabby discovers her limits and boundaries are not where she expects them to be. Intoxicated, Gabby has no choice but to step ever deeper into the allure of attraction and attention, never foreseeing the life-changing consequences that lie ahead. If she makes one wrong move she could lose everything—and find out what really matters most.  
    A heartfelt and complex story, Tempting Fate will have readers gripped until they reach the very last page, and thinking about the characters long after they put the book down.
    Some times, it may seem like you want to shake things up but when you really do, it's the last thing you wanted! I know from experience that when something isn't quite right, it's really not the time to take drastic steps. Instead you need to sit back and really think of the consequences and if you really want those or is this a fleeting feeling that will go away.
    I was surprised at how the story progressed and how they both went their separate ways but still something kept pulling them back to each other. Of course, there were complications because of what Gabby did, and I have to admit, I don't know if I was in her husband's shoes, if I could have forgiven her, but that was his cross to bear.
    Sometimes, though, in tempting fate, you find the thing that you most cherish and it's not left you like you thought it had. Gabby got really lucky that in tempting fate, she didn't destroy the very foundation that she had spent 18 years making with Elliott. It's a good lesson to learn but an even better one to heed. Think long and hard before you throw a lifetime of memories out the window just because something exciting comes along that you know probably won't last.
    You will love this book as it keeps you on the edge all the way to the end! Cuddle up on a rainy day and drink some tea or coffee and dig in. You won't regret it!
    Happy Reading!
    Purchase your copy on Amazon.
    About the Author:
    JANE GREEN is the author of twelve bestselling novels dealing with real women, real life, and all the things in-between, with her trademark wisdom, wit, and warmth. She writes a daily blog and contributes to various publications including Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, Wowowow, and Self.  A foodie and passionate cook, most weekends see her cooking for quests in her home in Westport, Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and their six children.

    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.  

    Monday Monday Book Review

    I have a new book to share with you that is spine chilling and you will be riveted while reading Monday Monday written by Elizabeth Crook.
    In this gripping, emotionally charged novel, a tragedy in Texas changes the course of three lives. 
    On an oppressively hot Monday in August of 1966, a student and former marine named Charles Whitman hauled a footlocker of guns to the top of the University of Texas tower and began firing on pedestrians below. Before it was over, sixteen people had been killed and thirty-two wounded. It was the first mass shooting of civilians on a campus in American history. 
    Monday, Monday follows three students caught up in the massacre: Shelly, who leaves her math class and walks directly into the path of the bullets, and two cousins, Wyatt and Jack, who heroically rush from their classrooms to help the victims. On this searing day, a relationship begins that will eventually entangle these three young people in a forbidden love affair, an illicit pregnancy, and a vow of secrecy that will span forty years.  
    Reunited decades after the tragedy, they will be forced to confront the event that changed their lives and that has silently and persistently ruled the lives of their children. 
    With electrifying storytelling and the powerful sense of destiny found in Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto, and with the epic sweep of Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins, Elizabeth Crook’s Monday, Monday explores the ways in which we sustain ourselves and one another when the unthinkable happens.  
    At its core, it is the story of a woman determined to make peace with herself, with the people she loves, and with a history that will not let her go. A humane treatment of a national tragedy, it marks a generous and thrilling new direction for a gifted American writer.
    Wow, this was an emotionally charged book to read! All three lives are affected by that day. I would imagine something like that would definitely leave an impact on such young lives and haunt them for a very long time.

    Shelly and Wyatt had a fling and I am sure it was more out of desperation than anything but it had wide range consequences. Because of that, Wyatt and his wife left and moved away, leaving Shelly to face the consequences all by herself. Luckily for her, her other two friends came to the rescue.

    People do move on given time and Shelly is happy in her life when she finally marries her husband, Dan and they have a daughter. Unfortunately, it seems like Shelly is destined to have bad luck. I think she thinks she deserves it in an odd kind of way, but no one really deserves to be sad or unhappy or in pain.

    In the end, she will have to find the courage to move on for herself and to accept herself based on what she has to work with. It was a really awful thing that happened that day back when she was in college but you can't let things like that ruin your life forever or the person responsible for all that chaos wins. I for one, would never want to give someone else that power over me. And in the end, I think Shelly realizes that also.

    Happy Reading!
    About the Author: 
    Elizabeth Crook was born in Houston in 1959 and lived in Nacogdoches and then San Marcos, Texas with her parents and brother and sister until 1966 when the family moved to Washington D.C., where her father was director of VISTA for Lyndon Johnson. Two years later her father was appointed Ambassador to Australia and the family moved to Canberra. When they returned to Texas Elizabeth attended public schools in San Marcos, graduating from San Marcos High School in 1977.
    She attended Baylor University for two years and graduated from Rice University in 1982. She has written four novels: The Raven's Bride and Promised Lands were published by Doubleday and then reissued by SMU Press as part of the Southwest Life and Letters series. The Night Journal was published by Viking/Penguin in 2006 and reissued in paperback by Penguin.
    Monday, Monday is scheduled for release by Sarah Crichton Books, FSG, in April 2014. Elizabeth has written for periodicals such as Texas Monthly and the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and has served on the council of the Texas Institute of Letters.
    She is a member of Women Writing the West, Western Writers of America and The Texas Philosophical Society, and was selected the honored writer for 2006 Texas Writers' Month. Her first novel, The Raven's Bride, was the 2006 Texas Reads: One Book One Texas selection. The Night Journal was awarded the 2007 Spur award for Best Long Novel of the West and the 2007 Willa Literary Award for Historical Fiction.
    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 

    Sunday, April 27, 2014

    HangerJack Review

    Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

    We got a really interesting product to try out recently called HangerJack which is actually a pretty awesome product because it will give you some much needed storage space in several area's of your house, depending on what you need it for.

    Product details:

    *Made and assembled in the USA
    *Made with a tough polycarbonate
    *Supports up to 50 lbs
    *24” bar extension
    *Lays flat when not in use
    I had some of my own pictures but when I went to download them, it was so dark in the basement even with the lights on, they didn't come out very good. You couldn't see the HangerJack at all, especially with all of the water hoses that Mike piled on it to hang up! Well, at least he got what he wanted! And that was really what this product was for since I get so many that he can't use. He really needed something to get all those water hoses off of the floor. It looks something like this but without the shovels.
     Main Features:
    • Space is always a premium – in the laundry room, garage, basement, shed – just about anywhere in the home where you need to hang things 
    • HangerJack is a great solution that adds space to even the smallest areas in the home – from hanging shirts and jackets in the laundry to bikes and helmets in the garage to hoses and tools in the shed 
    • It’s a perfect product to tackle your spring cleaning ...

    • Simply install the HangerJack on the wall; it folds conveniently back onto wall when not in use, freeing up valuable space again.

    • HangerJack is made with a tough polycarbonate

    • It’s resistant to impacts and scratches

    • Retails for $29.95 for the 24” bar
    Mike had no trouble getting this assembled and drilled into the wall stud in the basement. It really is easy to do and I could have done it if Mike wasn't here, so you shouldn't be worried that it's complicated. We could have used several more of these as we got to looking around and realized we had a lot of stuff just sitting around that could be up and out of our way! 
    Here's some idea's of what you can do:

    I bet you can come up with even more ways to use your HangerJack! And don't forget that it can hold up to 50 pounds, so that makes it easier to find ways to use. Also, don't forget that it has the ability to neatly fold making it nearly flush-mount with the wall. It will arrive fully assembled. Each hanger includes instructions on how to mount to the wall with included wall anchor hardware.
    Here are some examples for use: Extension cord storage, Broom and shovel storage, Vacuum storage, Hose storage, Tool Storage, Two units can hold your bike, It will hold up to 12 clothing hangers neatly or 24 tight, hang your belt on it, dry towels, It will hold your gym gear, store your ladder or find some new and unique way to use the HangerJack.
    You can also buy the HangerJack on Amazon.
    Connect with HangerJack:
    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 3814
    Winter Park, FL 32790
    Phone: 407.288.8228 Ext.1
    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    CD Binder Set Review

    Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

    I recently got a CD Binder Set to review that will be perfect for either Mike's CD's that he has on his work stuff or for Brandi and her collection of music CD's or Movie CD's. I haven't decided yet who will get this really awesome set. But I have plenty of time since Christmas is a long ways off! I know, it's still pretty early, but I have learned if I don't start early, then someone won't get any Christmas.  This CD Binder Set came from a company called KeepFiling.

    Main Features:
  • Binder made with 1-1/2 inch capacity 3 D-shape rings, 3-1/4 inch (108 mm) apart coated black.
  • Clear label holder on the outside spine of the binder.
  • Free spine label template can be downloaded. See binder section of this website.
  • Available color: Black & Inside White, -Black & Inside Green, -Black & Inside Red -Black & Inside Sapphire Blue.
  • This set holds 20 CD's & matching labels (enclosed). Extra pages can be purchased separately for a maximum capacity of up to 48 CD's (keepfiling # 14150).
  • 1 binder + 1 pack of 10 CD pages with index labels.

    This CD Binder Set can help keep track of your CDs, or if you just need a storage system, this works just as well. Binders are easier to store of shelves and typically saves more spaces compared to traditional jewel boxes. I know this would clean up a lot of Mike's mess in his office because he has stuff thrown all over the place! He has tried to turn the living room into that kind of mess and I had to put my foot down. I told him he had a whole room to himself and to leave the rest of the house alone!
    You get these labels to help you write what you need so that you can glance at them and know instantly what that particular CD is all about. I don't know about all of you, but we have CD's that have nothing on them and we have no clue what they are. I am almost afraid to download them to see because who knows if there is something wrong with them? Mike is really bad about forgetting what he puts on them!
    They gave us plenty of pockets but you can order more. These binders hold quite a bit so once these are filled up, you just place an order for more. Everything about this system is simple and easy.
    Can use these binders for:  
  • Organizing CDs with a professional looking binder.
  • Write the description and insert the label into the separate pocket next to the CD this makes it easy to maintain order during use.
  • Each CD Page holds 2 CD's and 2 labels next to each other.
  • This CD Binder Set contains 1 letter size binder and 10 pages for 20 CD's. Can be expanded up to 48 CD's per binder with the purchase of additional CD pages (keepfiling # 14150).

  • About Keepfiling:
    Keepfiling offers a wide range of binders and sheet protectors in different sizes, all suitable for different usage.

    All our binders are made from 65% recycled material plus polypropylene to ensure durability and archival safety. Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian design concept, Keepfiling combines both simplicity and functionality into one aesthetic binder that will both look and perform well in the office, at home or wherever you choose to use our binders.

    Keepfiling sheet protectors are all acid free and comes in different weights for extra durability if required.
    Connect with Keepfiling:

    Mailing Address:
    1860 Renaissance Blvd.
    Sturtevant, WI 53177
    Phone: 618 912 4466
    Fax: 312 324 0605 (order fax)
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    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.