Thursday, March 20, 2014

Zips Goes Wandering Book Review

Welcome to my tour stop for Zips Goes Wandering by Chris Marsh.  This is a children's rhyming picture book.  This tour is full of reviews & runs March 14-April 2nd. Check out the tour page for the list of tour stops!

Zips Goes Wandering by Chris Marsh
Releases: March 15th, 2014 by BookTrope

Age Recommendation: Preschool through 2nd Grade

This is the first book of the series, Savannah Friends, and tells the story of Zips the Zebra and how, after being told by his mum about the dangers of walking off alone, decides to go on adventure by himself only to end up in trouble!

After getting chased by a hungry lion and crocodile it is down to Zips to find his way back home by asking his friends.

Zipping across the savannah from friend to friend Zips finally manages to find his way home and back to the safety with his mum.

Through rhyming and bright, exciting pictures Zips has proven exciting for many young children and their parents find it a useful tool to teach their kids about the dangers of wandering off alone and what to do if they get lost.

My Review:

Your children will delight in this book as it is filled with beautiful pictures of all the friends that Zips meets during his wandering around. Which is really the whole point of the story. To let your child's imagination run wild and explore new and interesting things. Even if they can't understand the words just yet, the pictures will tell a story all on their own.

Also, I liked that Zips got lost but in the book, it tells how he is able to figure it all out and gets back home. I hope that this book will teach our young children that there are ways to overcome fear and how to use what they know to get themselves out of a bad situation.

Happy Reading!

Praise for Zips Goes Wandering:
"Be prepared to fall in love with Zips in the magnificent and rugged African savannah.”—Della Connor, author of The Spirit Warrior series

"Plunge into the unknown with Zips the curious zebra and find a savannah filled with friends." —Jennifer L. Hotes, illustrator of the Inventor-in-Training series and author of Four Rubbings

“A charming book—the rhyming text makes it a great read-aloud. In addition, it gives kids an idea of the kind of animals that really do live in a savannah habitat.” —Roxie Munro, author/illustrator of Slithery Snakes and EcoMazes: 12 Earth Adventures

"Chris Marsh captivates with witty verse and charms with colorful scenes as Zip wanders from friend to friend across the savannah, finding his way back home. A treat for young readers and parents alike." - Steven Luna, author of Songs from the Phenomenal Nothing

About the Author:

Chris Marsh grew up in the heart of the English Countryside and spent many sunny days going on wild adventures and long expeditions, with his mother constantly reminding him to be careful.

On those rainy days he would spend hours either reading, painting or drawing, letting his imagination go wild and creating a variety of stories and tales about his adventures.

Surrounded by pets and constantly exploring the local wildlife and farm animals, Chris developed a love for animals which crept into his creativity.

Years later it was Chris' turn to do the careful reminding to his adventurous nieces and nephews and he found the only way to engage them was through stories.


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I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

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I always like reading new adventures and fun stories.

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This would be a great read for my son and I.