Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vegan Appetizers

5 Delicious Vegan Appetizers For Your Next Party
Vegan? Throwing a party? Don't worry about feeding the masses; there are plenty of tasty, eco-friendly alternatives to sausage links and cheese dip. Here are five vegan appetizers that will leave all your guests, even the carnivores, asking for more.

1: Bruschetta

With gluten-free bread, you can offer bruschetta in lieu of pizzas loaded with meat and dairy products. Just set a table with herbs, spices, vegetable toppings and fresh tomato sauce, and everyone can build their own!

2: Yam Fries

No one is completely happy without French fries in their life, but yam fries can fill the void. They're a great finger food no matter what the occasion, and best of all, they're completely healthy!

3: Veggie Wraps

Instead of chips and dip, consider veggie wraps and dipping sauce. You can stick just about anything in a rice paper wrap, including carrots, cucumbers, peppers and red or green cabbage. Just think crunchy.

4: Banana Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Anyone have a sweet tooth? Oatmeal cookies have long been heralded by vegans as a way for the ethically minded to enjoy traditional desserts, but with the right cocoa and sugar substitutes, you can now add chocolate and banana flavoring to the mix. The result is nothing short of heaven.

5: Veggie Burgers

If your guests just can't function without meat, consider introducing them to meat alternatives that will satisfy their cravings without sacrificing an animal to do so. Better yet, just serve them a juicy burger and see if they even notice that it's vegetarian!
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