Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sailing Out of Darkness Book Review

I have a really nice book to share with you called Sailing Out of Darkness written by Normandie Fischer.
When Samantha Ransom flies to Italy to escape a disastrous affair with her childhood best friend, the last thing on her mind is romance. But Teo Anderson is nothing like her philandering ex-husband or her buddy, Jack, who, despite his live-in girlfriend, caught Sam off guard with his flashing black eyes and his passion for sailing.?? 
Teo represses his own scars, both physical and emotional, by writing mysteries—until one strange and compelling vision comes to life in the person of Sam. Seeking answers, he offers friendship to this skittish visitor. If he can’t write her into one of his stories, at least he can enjoy her company. 
But not even sailing the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean can assuage Sam’s guilt. Soon the consequences of her behavior escalate, and the fallout threatens them all.
This must have been a divorce or bad break-up book that the author wrote because it sure was a bit depressing. It's a great story, don't get me wrong. Because I am sure these emotions are what we feel when life is stacked up against us sometimes. So, I think the author embraced all the darkness and depression and went with it.

It's a great book in terms of looking thru the mirror and seeing yourself in Sam and dealing with whatever it is that is keeping you depressed or lonely. But, it also shows us how to climb out of the abyss and start living again. You will cheer Sam on in her journey and will jump for joy once she fully submerges herself in the feeling of falling in love and with a good man at that!

Happy Reading!
About the Author:

A life-long sailor, Normandie has been writing and editing professionally since the seventies. She studied sculpture for several years in Perugia, Italy, before returning stateside to complete her degree with special honors in English. When they’re not visiting grown children who have scattered elsewhere, Normandie and her husband divide their time between their waterfront home in NC (where she takes care of her mama) and their waterborne sailing home, Sea Venture, lately returned from Pacific Mexico. She has two novels that recently released, Becalmed from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and Sailing out of Darkness from WhiteFire Publishing.

Find out more about Normandie at her website, connect with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

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heathertlc said...

"shows us how to climb out of the abyss and start living again" A good lesson to learn for sure!

Thanks for being on the tour.

Normandie Ward Fischer said...

Mary, thank you for taking the time to read and review Sailing out of Darkness!

No matter what our experiences, we certainly need to figure out how climb out of the dark places--and to pay attention when others can't seem to do so on their own.