Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pure Safe Shell Glass Review & Giveaway**Closed**

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I have a wonderful new type of bottle to share with you today called Pure Safe Shell Glass and it's very unique in that if you drop it, it doesn't shatter all over the floor, no! It shatters on the inside which keeps you and your children safe from stepping on glass or worse, they try to eat the glass if they are too small to know it's dangerous!
This is one more awesome bottle because it's perfect to give to your children to carry drinks or for yourself if you have a busy lifestyle and need to grab something quick on your way out the door. If either of you drop this bottle and it breaks, well, it does it on the inside not the outside. Check out the photo's below that illustrates that:
I am using Pure Safe Shell pictures because I sure didn't want to break mine to show what happens.
Main Features: 
*Made from Borosilicate glass that can withstand high impact
*Safe-Shell coating keeps all the shards contained and away from human touch
*PURE bottles come with a wide mouth opening that allows you to add ice cubes, fruit wedges, tea bags, and other flavorings
*The PURE bottle can also save you money by refilling the bottle yourself
*Glass is made from sustainable raw materials
*Keeps drinks colder, hotter and fresher longer
The Pure Safe Shell bottle comes in two sizes, Traveler size which is 17.5 ounces and Explorer which is 25 ounces. So, whatever you normally use water bottles for, this one can help in how much or how less you need to take with you. I love having options, don't you?
It's completely dishwasher safe as I have already put ours in there and it came out perfect! No problems and clean as a whistle. Some of the other health benefits are just as awesome!
Take a look:
*Because it is chemical and BPA free it offers the best solution where our health is concerned. *Because it keeps beverages in their purest and best tasting form, it is the obvious choice for our drinking pleasure.
*Because it is reusable and easy to recycle it is the smartest choice for our planet. So raise a glass to glass and drink to your health.
I also loved the fact that there are two handles or at least that is what I call those 2 open spaces on the cap. You can hook it with your fingers or you can use one of the many clips to attach to a handbag or even a belt loop while walking or riding a bike so you won't lose the bottle. The bottle itself is very good quality and I love that it won't hurt me or my family if one of them should drop it and break the glass.
The PURE Glass Bottle's stylish design and patented coating helps your brand look great while protecting the environment. Join the PURE movement. Use PURE Glass Bottle as an extension of your brand, company or occasion. I just would have loved one of those specially marked glasses, wouldn't you?
What Pure Safe Shell Glasses Believes: 
Currently we create 3 billion pounds of waste through plastic bottles annually. The benefits of bottled water may not be as impressive as many believe. Tap water is more strictly regulated for health standards than bottled water. Tap water is distributed through an energy efficient infrastructure, transporting bottled water however, involves long distances and burning massive quantities of fossil fuels. Nearly a quarter of all bottled water crosses national borders to reach consumers, transported by boat, train and truck. This transportation leaves a massive carbon footprint, all for a product that we could get from our taps.

We can do better! Start with a higher quality material, like glass, which allows us to reuse and cut down on what we send to landfills. This was one of the main reasons why the PURE glass bottle was invented. PURE was developed by Walt Himelstein, an Environmental Chemist, with over 23 years experience and a lifelong passion for the environment. His work in the areas of environmental clean up and monitoring drinking water led him to create a unique and totally safe product, that can have a tremendous positive impact on our planet.
Connect with Pure Safe Shell Glasses:
Mailing Address
303 Robinson Street
Oakville, Ontario
Canada L6J 1G7
Phone:  905.412.0156 Ext. 16
The awesome folks at Pure Safe Shell Glasses would love to give one reader their own Pure Safe Shell Glass! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Dorrie Turner said...

I think getting the Pure Mini Bottle would be very handy to take along on walks or short trips.

Dorrie Turner

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I like Pure Glass Bottle, it has 2” opening ideal for adding ice

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I love the Pure Proclamation! Sara Giresi

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Juice in the box :)

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I would get the Pure Blank

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I would like the Pure Explorer.

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I'd love the Pure Mini.

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I like the Pure Proclamation!

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I would get the Pure Explorer.

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I especially like this Pure Proclamation - SKU: 747718C

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I like the Juice in the Box in red

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I like the pure explorer.