Friday, March 14, 2014

Pansy In Paris: A Mystery at the Museum Book Review

Age Range: 4-8 years
I am on a roll with Children's books today as I have another one I wanted to share with you called Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum written by Cynthia Bardes.
Pansy the poodle and Avery, the little girl who adopted her, are on a new adventure. They travel to Paris to solve a mystery: who is stealing paintings from the museum? With only one clue and their curiosity, they follow the trail, foil the thieves, and recover the missing artwork. Pansy and Avery learn about the joy of travel, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the special pleasure of teamwork.

This was such a cute little story about a brown poodle who goes around solving mysteries!

Pansy gets a letter from Paris asking for her help since she solved a jewelry heist in America, they want her to come to Paris, France and help find a thief who stole a very valuable painting. So, off they go on a grand adventure.

Do you remember when books and cartoons were so delightful and innocent? I sure do. I never really had to worry much about the hero or heroine because they were never in any real danger. It was so all make believe and we all knew it. But not in today's world! Which is why I love seeing books return to that innocent time. Children should remain children as long as possible.

I sometimes wish we didn't have iPhones and Tablets because it takes away from the beautifully written Children's books that are still fun to read if you get the right ones. If your child still enjoys reading delightful books where dogs can talk and help solve mysteries, then this is one that you will want to get for them to read! It brings back the magic of books, which is very rare indeed!

Happy Reading!
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About the Author:
Cynthia Bardes and her husband, David, spend each fall at a Beverly Hills hotel with their toy poodle, Pansy. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Cynthia is a former dress designer and interior decorator. When not in Los Angeles, Cynthia, her husband, and Pansy, live in Vero Beach Florida.

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