Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mistaken Enemy Book Review

I have a new thriller that I think you all would love to read called Mistaken Enemy written by Dennis A. Nehamen.
Freelance writer Zacchaeus Miller travels to Israel, where he is told he has the ability to impact the lives of millions. He dives into the culture of his surroundings, in the end accidentally exposed to inside information threatening international borders. Burdened with the knowledge of an underground terrorist plot soon to be executed, the protagonist is then forced to play a role in the crisis.  
In a race against time, and an ongoing struggle to declare his innocence, he must intercept the impending attack or watch helplessly as innocent people are slaughtered and nations destroyed. But even the unintended emissary isn’t sure which side he is on.  
Controversial, addicting, and bold, Mistaken Enemy is compelling new author Dennis Nehamen’s first release of the Zach Miller Thrillers. What begins as the captivating chronicle of one man’s exploration of a foreign land soon becomes a heart-racing account of hate, revenge, and conviction, ultimately testing the boundaries of human love.
I have to admit, I thought Zach had lost his mind when he decided to not check into a hotel once he got to Israel and went instead to stay with this man and his family that he had just met on the plane!
What kind of idiot does that? One who believes in the grand scheme that a mystic little Indian boy told him he must go on? Although, from the beginning of the book, I realized that Zach even though he was an adult, seemed like he never really quite grew up. He reminded me of a little boy who thinks he is invisible and not accountable to anyone. Boy, was he fixing to get his little bubble burst!
The things and people that he encounters on his quest to understand why the Indian boy sent him over there should have tipped anyone off that something wasn't quite right but he kept logically talking himself out of thinking with his brain. Instead he used the other part of his body that most men use when confronted by a beautiful woman. So typical!
Then he wonders why no one believes his story? Really? I wanted to throw the book at the wall several times because unfortunately, I don't suffer fools, even in books. My husband hates to watch TV and movies with me because I can't stand stupid people. Even I, who has had no law enforcement training, see things a mile away. So, when people go blindly into a situation, it infuriates me!
But, it's a very good story and you will definitely have an opinion one way or the other about Zach, his circumstances, and what he does to solve his dilemma. And the ending will be the most unexpected thing you could have imagined! Get ready to go on a gut wrenching journey. Despite my not being able to suffer fools, I still could not put the book down until I had read the very last word.
Happy Reading!
About the Author: 
Dennis A Nehamen (pronounced nee-min) was born and raised in Los Angeles.

He attended U.C.L.A. and earned a Ph.D. in Psychology. His practice has spanned several decades, both as a forensic and clinical psychologist. With deep insights to the human psyche, Dennis has served as a psychological consultant at the heart of various dramatic and traumatic situations. As a result, his writing has unusual depth and is vividly authentic. During the past several years he began surrendering to a compulsion to write, which originated several screenplays, novels and an award-winning musical. Mistaken Enemy is the first release of his Zach Miller Thriller series, due in early 2014.

Dennis enjoys the outdoors, and hiking especially. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife who fortunately is willing to share him with his other love, writing. They have a dog, named Henry Higgins.
I decided to share this book with one of you. I will be giving my copy to one winner. This is a hard copy book. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Mary Mac said...

I love to read psychological thrillers.

Anita Yancey said...

My favorite type of book is thrillers or mysteries. Thanks for having the giveaway.