Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just Think Toys BathBlocks Review

I recently got these BathBlocks from Just Think Toys and I knew my grandson would love them! He loves building things and my daughter has a really hard time getting him to take baths, so I was anxious to see if this would help calm him down enough so that bath time did not have to be so stressful. And it worked! He loves the Bath Blocks and has asked for more!
Here are some interesting facts about BathBlocks:
*BathBlocks enable children to build waterfalls, floating towns, towers , tunnels and more in the bath.
* BathBlocks encourage exploration, reward discovery, and empower children.
* BathBlocks have received Oppenheim Gold Awards.

These are just a few of the pieces that I took pictures of before I mailed this set to them. They live in another state from me, so I didn't get to see him first hand playing but got plenty of descriptions of what all he did. I wanted these pictures so I could at least show you how real they looked and to show you the material and the size of the pieces. Oh, they do recommend that the ages be at least 3 and up.
Here is how they work:
The "sticky" viscosity of water (plus soap suds or shampoo suds) creates a cling between blocks and smooth, polished wall surfaces. The movement, buoyancy and flow of water add an engaging twist to classic block play. BathBlocks empower children to create their vision as they experiment with geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, balance, structure and cause-effect.

Another reason I didn't have my daughter take pictures is I just wasn't comfortable showing a small boy in a bathtub naked taking a bath.
To me, that is just inviting trouble with what the world has come to, so I hope you understand and I think these pictures off of Just Think Toys shows pretty good what they can do.
I was really intrigued that the blocks could stick to the bathtub walls and that all you had to do was rub them with soap or shampoo to get them to stick to each other and the walls.  
Oh, and you don't have to worry about germs and such. 
BathBlocks are made from bacteria and mildew resistant EVA and contain no PVC or phthalates. I thought that was pretty darn clever and smart to think of these things ahead of time to ward off any problems that might arise.
These BathBlocks have really been a big help to my grandson because my daughter says he is now thinking of ways to use them and to build new things and to explore things that he normally didn't before. He is interested in knowing how things work and why. Which to me, was probably the whole idea behind these awesome blocks!
Now, they do have other sets that you can get either on BathBlocks website or on Amazon and they do have some sets for girls. I didn't grab the one image of the Cook Set for girls because they had a girl sitting in the tub and because I wouldn't put a picture of my grandson, I decided not to put hers up either, but I did grab two other sets just so you can see what they have that girls could play with. Of course, they can play with this one, too if they like ships and helicopters.

Connect with Just Think Toys: 
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 10730
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110US
Phone: 206-842-3889
The awesome folks at Just Think Toys will be giving the winner of my Spring Fling Giveaway Hop the same set of BathBlocks that I just reviewed! The Giveaway starts on March 21st and ends on April 4th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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adrienne warren said...

Would love to win this. Mah kids have grown and flown but Mah fella is definitely in his second childhood, If I win I;ll send ya a pic of mah fella playing with his new bath time toys, He will be soo cute, (may have ta tie him up ta get the pic)

Kelly Tupick said...

These look fun and my nephew who is 2 would love these. My daughter is a bit older but boy oh boy did she love her bath toys. We had a whole bin of toys right next to the tub and she would play in there till she was all wrinkly. She loved her baths.

polly said...

I know my grandson would have so much fun with the bath blocks....having fun and getting clean in the bathtub!!!

Laurie Harrison said...

Very cool. I like that they offer storage for these as well. My grandkids bathtub looks like a toy box most the time. :-)

Cyndi F said...

These wou L d be so fun for the kiddos or the hubby! ! Lol

Sandra VanHoey said...

My great niece and nephew need some toys like they have for the tub. They keep taking in their dishes for play, etc and really need cute bath toys.

Marti Tabora said...

These are a fantastic idea and I know some kids that would definitely have a lot of fun with them. Thank you.
Marti Tabora

Nancy Loring said...

Bsth toys make bath time so much more fun, When my girls were little they would bath together and there were so mant toys in the tub you couldn't see the bottom of the tub.

Jennifer Hiles said...

I really love that they cling to the walls when wet. My daughter would spend hours playing in the bath tub if I let her. Most of the time, I have to bribe her to get out. If I got her these, I'd have one pruned lil girl!

tanya holland said...

My two girls would love to have these. Usually they grab whatever toys they can find and throw them in the tub.

Rebecca Brewer said...

I love these. My boys would live in the tub, something I rally don't complain about, especially since they are already woking on mud cities in the backyard.

Mer said...

What a great way to make bath time a little more fun! I like the variety of set, the pink castle is especially adorable.

Jay said...

These are too cute! And safe for kids too!