Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fizzion Pet Products Review

I recently got some really nice products to try that will help me clean up after Charlie, even though he really doesn't make that big of a mess, but sometimes accidents do happen, and when they do, I like to be prepared. So, I was doubly thrilled to get these products from a company called Fizzion. I can't wait to tell you all about them!
Here is what I was sent to review:
1.)  Drop & Mop
2.)  Pet Stain & Odor Remover
3.)  Spray Bottle
4.)  Fizzion Cloth
I have to admit, this product really worked! I wasn't so sure at first because I didn't know I would have to take a tablet and dissolve it in very warm water and that would make my solution that I would clean with. But, the first time I used it, I knew I had hit pay dirt! I love when things are simple and they work, don't you? It actually makes a good bit as you can see. All of that came from one small tablet.
Product Detail  
  • • Patented award-winning formula
  • • Quickly eliminates stains and odors with the proven power of CO2
  • • Non-toxic and safe to use around your animals and children
  • • Prevents pets from returning to the same spot to relieve themselves
  • • Earth-friendly tablet mixes up fresh for maximum cleaning strength
  • • Works on carpets, fabrics, and upholstery in your home
  • • Formula lasts over one year at 100% potency after activation
  • • Fizzion promotes the use of a reusable spray bottle to minimize landfill waste

  • I loved how this worked because there were no bad odors to deal with like some of the old cleaners I have tried in the past. I bet you have too! Why is this one different? Check out what I found out about how this dissolved tablet works.
    This supercharged power of CO2 Technology is based on the age-old technique of pouring "club soda" on carpet stains and is also frequently used in dry cleaning. Treat stains and odors quickly, efficiently, and permanently and keep them looking clean as Fizzion discourages pets from returning to the same place to relieve themselves!
    Now, if you have some hard floors anywhere in your house, then this is another must have. I have tile floors in the bathrooms and kitchen, linoleum in the laundry room and then hardwoods in two hallways. Now, I did not use this on my hardwoods, but I did use elsewhere. I did love that this tablet has a lavender scent to it so that really made my day as lavender is my all time favorite scent. And it works just like the above tablet. Just drop into warm water and watch it go to work!
    Product Details  
  • • Earth-friendly tablet quickly cuts through dirt and grease Earth-friendly tablet quickly cuts through dirt and grease
  • • Easily lifts set-in grout stains
  • • Multi-purpose mopping tablets works great with spray mops or traditional mop and bucket
  • • Time-released formula provides a fresh lavender scent.
  • • Safe to use on wood, vinyl, tile, linoleum, marble, and granite
  • • Uses the proven power of CO2

  • It does say that it's safe to use on wood, but the first time I decided to wait and see later. But, here is what they say where you can use this amazing product:
    Safe to use on wood, vinyl, tile, linoleum, marble, and granite. Works great with spray mops! Also, Drop & Mop is an Earth-Friendly approach to floor cleaning. Its intelligent product design reduces shipping weight and therefore greatly reduces the carbon footprint compared to other water based cleaners.
    Shoot, all I know is that it cleaned my tile floors and the laundry room pretty darn good and left a clean scent behind. Next time I mop I will test a little bit on the hardwood floors. Since I have just the 2 hallways, I won't use much and just err on the side of caution. My husband had used another brand on them with water and it turned them a weird color and I had to hurry up and clean them with something else to restore them, so that is why I am a little hesitant about trying anything on them.

    We used this cloth that they sent just as an extra for blotting up the stains. We found that these microfiber cloths seem to soak up liquids a lot better than anything else and all you have to do is just lay it on top of the liquid and just gently press down and it soaks a good bit of the liquid up. So, you aren't scrubbing and furiously working to get it all up.
    1. Mix solution according to instructions on package.
    2. Spray on the stain or dirty surface until wet.
    3. Blot gently with a clean towel.
    4. The use of a proprietary blend of cleaners to create an unmatched detergency that removes the two most stubborn components of urine from the material or fabric.
    5. It forms a shield around the stain while it works on it which immediately reduces odors.
    6. To prevent the odor from returning, Fizzion's powerful CO2 action makes the normally insoluble uric acid in urine soluble, so that it can be removed from the surface never to return.
    1. Prior to cleaning stains, remove any loose material and blot up excess moisture.
    2. Apply Fizzion to the stain, avoid over-saturating.
    3. Gently blot the stain with a clean, colorfast towel. For best results, begin at the outer perimeter of the stain and work towards the center to minimize spreading.
    4. To deodorize the stain, spray the area again with Fizzion and allow to dry.

    We don't drink wine like we used to but if you do, they have a really neat cleaner, called the Wine Remover that will help you with those awful red wine stains on your carpet.  I didn't get to review this product which I guess is for the best since I don't drink wine anymore so I can't tell you with 100% accuracy but if it's anything like the ones that I have reviewed, then this will be worth it's weight in gold to those of you who do drink any color of wine.

    About Fizzion:
    If you are anything like us at Fizzion & Kegel, all you want is a product that WORKS. With pets and children of our own, we can relate. The VP of Chemicals, Dennis Sheirs, was first inspired to created Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover to save his (perhaps poorly chosen) white carpet, from two kids and two dogs. Everyone has accidental spills and those tough stains they just can't seem to get out. We believe that Fizzion can help and there is no better way, but to see it for yourself. Give Fizzion a try, you won't regret it!  
    We launched our first product, Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover in 2009. Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover is a patented formula that is earth-friendly. We joke that Fizzion went "from stains" as this first began as a bowling lane cleaner for Fizzion's parent company Kegel. Kegel has been a world-wide leader in the bowling industry for over 30 Years.
    Connect with Fizzion:

    Mailing Address:
    1951 Longleaf Blvd.
    Lake Wales, FL 33859
    Toll Free (US Only): 1 (800) 280 2695
    Phone: 863-734-0200 ** Fax: 863-734-0204


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    What I found interesting was that I didn't know that when you are dealing with a mustard stain that you should let it dry first and work at cleaning it. I would have thought that with mustard, you would need to wet it and clean it right away.

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    I would love the Fizzion Wine Stain Remover.

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