Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fat Loser! Book Review

Okay, I have a different kind of book to share with you called Fat Loser! Mental Toughness Training for Dieters written by Steve Siebold.
Siebold says considering all the information available on the threats of obesity, it’s time to stop being stupid, stop playing Russian Roulette, wise up, get tough and be an example to other fat people instead of a cautionary tale.  He says being fat is like having a ticking time bomb on your body—without even a clock to know when it will go off. 
Siebold is a former professional athlete who turned into what he calls a “fat tub of lard.” He lost all the weight and today is in the best shape of his life and has a goal of ending the obesity epidemic worldwide.  To date, he has helped thousands of people lose weight and get fit.
Okay, I don't normally review diet books, so this is new to me and it's hard to tell you what will work for me might not work for you. So, this is different in that it is trying to help you get ready for your diet. He really does want you to succeed.

Here is what I took away from the book:

This book has 101 short chapters that paint diet and exercise differently from what you may be used to. A couple of pages each day will reinforce habit change, and though you or I may need it less than most (70% of Americans are overweight), this book is making will help you eat better and exercise more.

For Example:
*Comply or die: Imagine informing your spouse you’ve been 99% faithful in your marriage.  You wouldn’t be shocked at the incredulous reaction, yet we’ve been brainwashed to believe diets are different.  They’re not!  Success with your diet means 100% commitment, and that’s why most people don’t succeed. 
*Stop waiting to be rescued:  Stop waiting for the drug company’s magic pill.  Stop waiting for your doctor to scold you.  Stop waiting for Washington to save you.  No one is coming to the rescue.  You’re not a child, and it’s time to stop eating like one.  No one but you can save yourself from being fat.   
*Stop socializing with fat people:  This is one of Steve’s most controversial strategies—who wants to be told to avoid good friends just because of what they weigh?  But the reality: no, fit people are not better than fat people.  Yet consciousness is contagious.  The more you listen to fat people whine and complain about the difficulties of dieting and working out, the more you’ll descend to their level of thinking.  Get around fit people. 
*Grow up emotionally:  Get brutally honest and begin to see yourself through the eyes of objective reality—that is, how you really look as opposed to how you wish you looked.  This can be a bitter pill to swallow.  But once you do it, the emotional burden of being fat will begin to fade.  Emotional maturity, fitness and better health can begin to take shape instead. 
*Expect to pay the price:  If you want to get fit, there’s a price to pay.  No one gets a free ride, and no one negotiates their way out of doing the work and enduring the pain.  You’re already paying the price for being overweight, so pay the price one time to become a fat loser—the good kind! —and reap the rewards permanently. 
You don't have to agree with everything in the book. Take what applies to you and run with it. It really doesn't matter how you lose the weight, just as long as you do. What works for one person may not work for another and I have learned that "One Size Fits All" is not the way to lose weight. So, take what you need from this book, add it to what you already know and then if a third option is available that you follow, then incorporate that into it also.

Who cares how you do it, just as long as it works. I know I follow a different beat to my own drum and it works. We are not all made the same, but we can take basic knowledge and apply it and get it to work for us as individuals. Good Luck on your journey and I really wish you much success!

**Please consult a doctor before starting any diet. I am not a doctor and don't know your health situation and wouldn't want to put you in any danger. Always check with your doctor before starting anything, no matter what it is, especially if you have health issues.

Happy Reading!
I decided to share this book with someone who might really need it. If you would like to win this hard copy book, then enter on the Rafflecopter. Because it is a hard copy, I can only ship within the U.S. Good Luck Everyone!


Yvonne Woodstock said...

I was always naturally not only thin but even 10-20 lbs underweight without even trying and lost all my baby weight without even trying after each of my first 3 big babies... but after having my 4th baby it was like something broke and I have struggled to frustration and tears ever since but will never give up reaching my goal and staying there. The past 14 months I've lost 57 lbs but still have a ways to go.... I think this book might be very helpful to me because I noticed usually when I slip up or backslide or weaken in my resolve or start to lose hope during a plateau etc etc, are all MENTAL and so I NEED some good mental toughness to add to all the healthy good eating I now follow as a lifestyle to help succeed not only outside but inside too. Thank you to you and the author for this opportunity.

Kathleen said...

I have issues with willpower. I crave sugar and sugar is my enemy. I would love this book, it seems like something I need.

rookieabh said...

I have problems with will power when it comes to salty snacks!

Ashley Sifers

Nicole Clawson said...

I am having a very hard time with both right now

Robyn Donnelly said...

I do have trouble dieting because I am weak to sugar.

Myrna said...

I do have a problem with willpower. I simply love to eat.