Monday, March 31, 2014

EzyDog Zero Shock Leash Review

We got another great product for Charlie to try and it's called the Zero Shock Leash. I really like using it for short walks around here in our neighborhood because we live in the mountains and on a gravel road where we could possibly run into bears, coyotes, snakes, turkeys and deer on any given day, so I like to have control of how far Charlie is ahead of me and this leash is perfect for that because it's shorter and has great control.
Main Features:
  • Built with EzyDog's patented Zero Shock Technology
  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Drastically reduces strain and pull on dog and owner
  • Neoprene outer on handle making it waterproof and comfortable to grasp
  • Accessory D-Ring for attachment of keyring or any item with a clip
  • Ultimate comfort, control and protection for you and your dog
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Candy, Blaze Orange, Red
  • Size Options: 25 inch, 48 inch
Hopefully, the picture above and below give you a better look at what the benefits are in this really powerful leash. Zero Shock Technology is the advanced shock absorbing component in the center of the leash that cushions and eases the pressure for both the owner and the dog.
Of course, with such a powerful leash, make sure that you have an equally powerful collar or jacket. I like the jacket ones because it takes the pressure off of Charlie's neck and windpipe since Yorkie's have such delicate necks and get choked easily, I prefer to have his leash secured on the back part of his body, where he can handle the pressure better.

I know you can't see the jacket very well, but Mike got him an Atlanta Braves jacket!

Now, when it's pet day at the ballpark, both of my guys will be dressed to kill in their Braves gear!

Especially now that Charlie has a red leash to match is jacket, which is the main reason why we asked for the red one!
The whole concept behind the leash is the technology:
Zero Shock Technology—a shock absorbing component that drastically reduces strain and pull on the dog and the owner. By using the EzyDog Soft Touch Webbing™ and a generously sized neoprene handle, this leash really is perfect for walking and jogging with your dog. The Zero Shock Technology adds protection from sudden moves made by you or your dog, a need still in demand well beyond the training stage. It sure does help make our walks much more safer and comfortable.
EzyDog does sell a lot of other pet related products besides leashes, so if you need something else from them, please go by and check them out. They have some really nice bowls and toys that I saw that I know Charlie would love to have. They also have harnesses, coats, collars, backpacks, car restraints and life jackets as well as other types of leashes. You can also purchase gift certificates if you don't know what to get someone who has a dog!

See how easy it is to use the Zero Shock Leash:
About EzyDog:
EzyDog makes a line of products encompassing the rugged outdoor lifestyle dogs love along with the comfort and style pet owners prefer. EzyDog is the manufacturer of the Original Shock Absorbing Leash that combines the latest in sports technology with the durability dog owners demand.  
Their unique and highly functional leash systems are designed for comfort, control and safety, paying special attention to dogs that pull or are in training. All EzyDog Products care designed to help both owners and pets get more out of the great outdoors.
Connect with EzyDog:

Mailing Address:
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EzyDog LLC
436 Larkspur St. Unit C
Ponderay, ID 83852
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The great folks at EzyDog will be giving the winner of my Pets Rock Giveaway Hop their choice of color of the Zero Shock Leash just like the one I just reviewed! The Event will start on April 1st and ends on April 15th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Mallory H. said...

I would be interested in seeing how this would work w/my dogs..they like to pull alot ;/

Marti Tabora said...

This leash looks really fantastic, I would love to have this for my dog. I think it would work well for us.
Marti Tabora

Nancy Loring said...

I think rascal and I would appreciate our walks more if he had this collar.

wcaligirl said...

I really like this, my dover always pulls and tries to run when we go for walks.

Urd-chan said...

I have a collar and harness from this company and the quality is amazing. I didn't realize they had a leash that helps absorb the shock I get when my hounds pull on the leash during walks. I'll have to look into getting one to match my dogs' collar and harness from here.

susana mladenovski said...

Awesome!!!! love love this. I have a leash that i currently bought at wal mart and its awful. Lots and lots of skin burns because of my dog pulling on it. This would def be usefull.