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Everyone Prays Children's Book Review

Age Range: 4-8 years
I have a really nice Children's book to share with you called Everyone Prays written by Alexis York Lumbard and illustrated by Alireza Sadeghian.
“Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray. So do Hindus and Buddhists. Many others pray too.” So begins Everyone Prays, a bright and colorful concept book celebrating the diverse ways that people pray. In a vibrant yet accessible manner, young readers are transported on a visual tour across the globe. They will discover the Native American sun dance ceremony, visit the sacred sites in Jerusalem, behold the Shinto shrines in Japan, watch Maasai dances in Kenya, see pilgrimages to the river Ganges in India, and much, much more.

With an appendix to help answer questions children might have, Everyone Prays offers young hearts and minds a chance to learn that although people from other places and cultures may seem different, we all share the diverse world of faith and prayer. And what a bright and beautiful world it is!
It's a very nice illustrated book that shows all of the people around the world and how they look and how they pray. I think in this day and age we worry too much about religion and need to just leave it alone and let it work it's way out.  
I guess I don't see why there is so much bitterness and why everyone is trying to push their beliefs onto everyone else. I thought the whole concept of coming here to America was so you could practice what you want. In doing so, you knew what we practice and that is God. So, if I leave you alone, you should in turn, leave me alone. I think if we all quit being so sensitive, it would all quietly work itself out.
I don't think anyone is actually forcing anyone else to convert. We should all be able to believe what we believe. Trying to tell one that they can't have God on something that has been there since America was formed is not right. It would be like me going to Germany and telling them they can't have St. Nick for Christmas anymore or they can't use francs to buy stuff anymore. That has been their way of life forever, why would I want to mess with that? I know their customs and accept it.
I really never have understood why we should bow down and take God off of everything. Just like I would never ask them to take whatever they believe off of their religious materials or customs. I am hoping books like this can help ease everyone's fears up and stop being so paranoid. I guess it's going to have to start with the children as adults are wound too tight.
The pictures are absolutely beautiful and your child will have no trouble understanding them or the words really. They made them as simple as can be and there should be no confusion.  
Happy Reading!
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