Monday, March 17, 2014

Do You Play Tennis?

Do you play tennis? It's a great way to get in some serious exercise and interact with other people. I used to play back when I was younger but after I got sick back in 2004 and became disabled, it was no longer an option but I do know that when I did play, it was a lot of fun. I really just did it for fun and the exercise, but I know a lot of people who do it to win.

I recently ran across a site called Oncourt Offcourt that gives great tips on how to improve your game and they also sell tennis equipment. They have quite a few video's that you can watch that demonstrates the correct way to play tennis.

I grabbed one for you so that you can see what Joe has to offer:

So, if you need help with improving your swing or other area's, I bet Joe and Oncourt Offcourt could be a big help to you. I like that they use the video's to help you practice rather than having to go somewhere to get lessons. I know time is always of an essence, so these are really handy for those who just can't make a trip out to tennis court to practice or don't have one close by.
They are also a leading authorized national dealer for the three best ball machine manufacturers in the United States: Lobster, Playmate, and Tennis Tutor.
Here are 5 REASONS to check them out:

1. FREE shipping on all machines over $350 in the 48 contiguous United States.
2. LOW PRICE guarantee. 365 days a year!
3. FREE consultation with Joe Dinoffer, a nationally recognized ball machine expert.
4. FREE copyrighted ball machine comparison chart will make your decision easier.
5. READ this article before you invest in your new machine. 
I hope I was able to offer some help in getting your tennis game a better chance at maybe winning the next match that you play! And a place to buy your equipment at a good price.
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