Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Kind Of Bird Houses & Birds Are The Best For Georgia?

I know here in the South, we have a lot of Hummingbirds and it took me awhile to get on the bandwagon, but once I did, I went all out. I now have 8 Hummingbird feeders all throughout my yard and on my front porch. Of course, right now they are all down, because for some odd reason, we are getting slammed with snow right now and a lot of ice! Or I would have taken some pictures of my personal Hummingbird feeders, but I found these and they are close enough to the ones that I have.
I am really fascinated about Hummingbirds because of their small bodies and because they can really flap those small wings so darn fast, it's hard to see them clearly. I have however, gotten them used to me a little bit by putting at least 4 Hummingbird feeders around my front porch and 2 of them are by the kitchen window. They have been coming up to the window while I am at the sink and peeking in at me while I stand there watching them. So, I think they are getting used to me, don't you? I think this next spring I am going to step up my bird watching to include some other types of types of bird houses.

I would love to see some Blue Jays or a Red Cardinal like it used to be long time ago. I don't know what has happened to them but they don't show themselves like they used to when I first moved here in my home. Just every once in awhile I might see a Red Cardinal but it's the Blue Jays that have all but disappeared around here.

These are three above are the ones that I really fell in love with and as you can see, they aren't too flashy because I like simple but elegant and homey.  But, that won't matter if they are the wrong type of house and if the birds don't like it, then I don't guess it matters what I think or like. So, check them over and give me your ideas. As I stated earlier, the only experience I have right now is dealing with Hummingbirds, so I have that covered.
I can see from some of these other bird watching lovers that I have a lot to learn about bird feeders and what to expect. I hope I am reading come Spring because I really enjoy watching these peaceful creatures and how they fly around my yard and find things to feed on and then make the trip South in the winter but always come back in the Spring. I am hoping I can attract some of them to stay here with me instead of going on to some other destination.
Wish me luck and leave some comments if you have any idea's that might help me. I sure would appreciate any advice you have to offer about the type of birds that I should be targeting for Georgia and what type of houses that they like the most. Thanks!