Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wake Book Review

I have a new YA Fantasy book to share with you called Wake written by Dana Faletti today.
Fans of The Mortal Instruments and Fallen will love the second book in Dana Faletti's Whisper trilogy! When 16-year-old Callie Evans learned she was more than your everyday suburban teen, everything changed. One minute she was a typical high school student, the next, a demon-slayer extraordinaire.  
As a newly discovered Arc angel from heaven, Callie’s destiny is to fight the Darks that prey on human teens. But when Callie meets Romuel, one of the most powerful angels of all time, her reality is shaken once again. Romuel will force her to become what she was meant to be, but will her boyfriend, fellow Arc, Joshua, be able to set his pride aside?  
He doesn’t appreciate Callie’s attentiveness toward the older, wiser immortal Romuel. Joshua found her first. And he’s not willing to share. Is it Callie’s highly active imagination or does the Dark population seem to be multiplying exponentially in her world at an alarming rate?  
Newsflash: She’s not imagining things. They’re everywhere. And she’s got to find a way to stop them before it’s too late. Join Silas, Jules, Jixer and the rest of the immortal crew in a story that will wake up the world to the war that’s been raging since the beginning of time, a war in which whispers are the deadliest weapons of all.
This is the second book in the series called The Whisper Trilogy. I did not get to read the first book, but it really isn't necessary to understand what is going on in Wake. I caught on pretty quick what must have happened in the first book, so unless you really just like to know all the beginnings, you can get by without reading it.

Callie used to be a part of a family but somewhere along the way in the first book, she found out she was what they are calling an Arc Angel and unfortunately for her, that meant that she no longer existed for her mother, father and siblings. It's like they gave them amnesia and everyone, including school and all her friends no longer even knew she existed!

In this book, Wake, she finds out that there is an exception to the rule. Her best friend, Mila, for some odd reason that everyone is just as shocked as she is, remembers her and can see the other Arc Angels and the demons that Callie can kill. She actually kills one herself and gets into heated discussions with the other Arc Angels.

And in Wake, they introduce the second in command, Romuel. He has been sent to speed up Callie's progression into being a full fledged angel and this makes Joshua very upset because they have to spend a lot of time together while Romuel takes over her training.

Oh, and those two are breaking all kinds of rules because Arc Angels are not suppose to be dating. Not sure how that works in Heaven, but they are. And so Callie's world is a little unique and she has a lot going on. She really misses her family and wishes that they could remember her. But, truthfully, what can you actually say? Hey, I am an Arc Angel and I fight the demons so souls can be saved? Would they really believe her or think she has lost her mind?

Like I said, it's an interesting story. No bad language and quite safe for young adults to read.

Happy Reading!

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