Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time To Retire Book Review

I have another book written by Jon Foyt called Time To Retire that I got to review recently. It's a Mystery type book that deals with seniors who have retired but it looks like trouble follows them even in retirement!
Time to Retire, by Jon Foyt, is a new mystery/romance novel that offers a glimpse into the adventures of retirement living.  
Things are not quite what they seem at Sunset Gardens, an active adult retirement community in California. The directors of the Homeowner's Association has been handling money in questionable ways, there's secret meetings occurring at The Silent Front, a former speakeasy, and an influential resident recently committed suicide. 
Reporter Willy Herbst, approaching retirement, is curious about what’s going on in the neighboring community “over the hill.” He and his eager intern, Sally Saginaw, team up to investigate. Their discoveries are surprising…  
Time to Retire is filled with mystery, romance, and adventure, as Willy and Sally explore the lifestyles of aging retirees.
This book was filled with shady characters who actually run the retirement community that was in the town where Willy and Sally lived called Sunset Gardens.

One day while out hiking, the group came upon one of their seniors hanging from a tree. They think he committed suicide but there was a reporter from the local paper who had questions. Come to find out, this man had Willy, a reporter for the paper and had talked to him and now he is dead. He had a girlfriend who liked to exercise a lot and people thought she was a little off the rocker when it came to exercising.

So, Willy and Sally team up to figure out what is going on over there at Sunset Gardens.

You will love this zany approach to investigating and the middle aged couple, Willy & Sally as they try to figure out where they stand with each other. And the dead man's girlfriend has left the country. Now, what is that all about?

It's a great, lighthearted story, even with the death, it's unusual and quirky. Who would have thought middle aged people and seniors would be embroiled in mystery and death?

Happy Reading!

About the Author:
Striving for new heights on the literary landscape, Jon Foyt began writing novels following careers in radio, commercial banking, and real estate. He holds a degree in journalism and an MBA from Stanford and a second masters degree in historic preservation from the University of Georgia. An octogenarian prostate cancer survivor, Jon is active in an adult retirement community near San Francisco.