Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Thief Book Review

I have a new kind of book to share with you about another side to the story about Jesus that I think you will find very interesting called The Thief written by Stephanie Landsem.
A Roman centurion longing for peace and a Jewish woman hiding a deadly secret witness a miracle that transforms their lives and leads them to the foot of the cross. 
Longinus is a Roman centurion haunted by death and failure. Desperate to escape the accursed Judean province, he accepts a wager. If he can catch the thieves harassing the marketplace before Passover, he'll earn a transfer away from the troublemaking Jews. 
Nissa is a Jewish woman with a sharp tongue and no hope of marriage. Only with the help of Mouse, the best thief in Jerusalem, can she keep her blind brother, Cedron, fed and a roof over their heads. 
When a controversial teacher miraculously heals Cedron, Longinus longs to learn more about the mysterious healer. Instead, his journey leads him to Nissa, whose secret will determine the course of both their futures. 
Unexpectedly caught up in the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus, they wonder who this teacher is who heals others but does nothing to save himself. Is the mercy he offers in his teachings real, or just another false promise? Can Nissa and Longinus overcome their pasts to find a future free of their shackles? 
The Thief is an evocative story of two people trapped in their circumstances and the life-changing power of forgiveness and love.
This is a moving story about Nissa, who is a thief that has to steal in order to survive. She has a blind brother that she has to take care of since her parents are worthless.  She takes him one day to the man called Jesus to see if he can indeed do miracles and she is shocked to see him really heal her brother Cedron of his blindness.

This in turn makes Longinus wonder about Jesus and he hopes to learn more. But, his path with Nissa takes him on a different journey and then they both become intertwined while watching the drama unfold around Jesus.

They are both stunned to witness his death and to wonder why he did not save himself. But, for all the horrors that they see, they come to understand that Jesus is all about love and compassion. This single event changes their lives and propels them into a different life that they did not even know existed.

This was a very moving story about the time surrounding Jesus and his death. It's a must read for anyone who longs to know more about Jesus. This book puts into context a story that is understandable and easy to read. Hopefully, if you had trouble reading the story in the Bible, this will make it easier to understand.

Thanks Stephanie for bringing this story to everyone's attention in such a way that makes you understand and appreciate the rich history that surrounded Jesus.

Happy Reading!


Stephanie Landsem said...

Thank you, Mary, for your kind words about The Thief. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and are sharing it with your readers.