Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Charm Book Review

I have another great YA Fantasy book to share with you called The Charm written by Alana Siegel.
THE CHARM is a young adult fantasy novel and book #1 in the Olivia Hart and the Gifted Program series. Imagine what high school would be like if your ex-boyfriend fired lightning when he was angry, the sporty girl in your class had enough strength to lift a flatbed truck, and you could charm your way out of trouble.  
When shy, sixteen year old, Olivia Hart, witnesses the actual rainstorm her ex-boyfriend, Max Smarr, creates in Pandora high school's cafeteria, she?s convinced she?s lost her mind. Nothing will prepare her, however, for the discovery of her own special Gift.   
Olivia Hart has always been satisfied living in the shadows of her peers, and so high school doesn't get any easier when her charismatic brother goes off to college and her relationship with her edgy boyfriend comes to an end. When she comes across an antique charm, she finds out that she can compel people with her mind and hiding is no longer an option. With the help of her friends in the Gifted Program and each of their special Gifts, what happens next in this young love and coming of age story will force Olivia into the spotlight, test her friendships, and cause her to question her role in a society.  
If you love YA Fantasy books, then you will love this one and so will your teens! It's a great high school story about a girl who finds out she has some powers once she gets gifted a necklace that has some strange designs on it.

She thinks she is alone until she meets some of the other kids in her high school who also have different pieces of jewelry with the same design. It's a mystery as to where these pieces have come from so they form a group to understand what is happening to them.

Unfortunately, trouble is coming and they better get their act together or they won't make it. Some of the people after them also have powers and they know how to use them! It's one big adventure after another while they search for answers.

This will be an ongoing series and I for one can't wait to read the next book!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Alana (Siegel) Mag is the author of the Olivia Hart and the Gifted Program fantasy young adult series. She was raised on Long Island, New York. She was the valedictorian of Plainedge High School and graduated with a B.A. and double major in Finance and Accounting from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University.

She currently lives in San Francisco, California, with her husband, Stefan Mag, and their ragamuffin cat named Zeus. Since early childhood she has loved to read fantasy books. Add a little romance and a happy ending and in her eyes you have a perfect afternoon of reading.

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Alana Mag said...

Thanks for reading!! Happy Oscar weekend!

spock7005 said...

This sounds good! I have never outgrown my love for YA novels, espeically in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres. This looks like a must read for me! Thanks! scain54(at)aol(dot)com