Monday, February 29, 2016

PMD Personal Microderm Review

I will start by saying that the PMD Personal Microderm is awesome! My friend and I both used it for almost three weeks and we loved the way our skin felt afterwards. It will make your skin feel baby soft! But, please, please read the directions and follow them to the letter. Do not go over the same area multiple times. My friend did that and ended up with what I call a rug burn the next day. It is meant for a one time sweep across your face. Two at the most, but don't go over that!

There are different sizes of the buffers and the big ones are for your body, not your face! We figured that one out real quick, too! Seriously, though, the smaller ones are for the face and the larger discs are for your body, like the hands.

And please, make sure you wash and clean your face and use plenty of moisturizer, especially if you have never had this type of treatment before. We both have had several in office procedures, so our faces were used to it and we really had no problems except for when she tried to go back over the area around her mouth a little too much.

I also got the How To Use video for you so that you can watch and make sure you are using the right way. Oh and by the way, they talked about this very same product on The Doctors awhile back and there is a video on their site if you would like to see what they said about this great product!

Also, it will work better if you gently take your other hand and pull the skin tight while you are sweeping this instrument across your face. It needs to get as close to the skin as possible to give you the maximum benefit. It will also come with a booklet with instructions. So, between the videos and the instructions, you should have no problems with using this product safely and without any trouble.

What is Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive form of exfoliation and mild skin resurfacing that removes the dead skin cells from the Stratum Corneum, the outer most layer of the skin. The Stratum Corneum is the layer of the skin affected by fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, acne, and scaring. The concentrated microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates this skin layer to break apart these common imperfections. This then triggers the body’s healing mechanisms, causing the removed dead skin cells to be rapidly replaced with healthy, new ones.

Microdermabrasion provides several important benefits for the skin. The treatment smoothes away dull and rough skin texture, and it softens fine lines, wrinkles, burn scars, and acne scars. The treatment also improves the skin’s tone by fading uneven pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, and skin blemishes. In addition, microdermabrasion, which combines the power of a vacuum suction with exfoliation, reduces the formation of acne. The vacuum achieves this by clearing out clogged pores and releasing trapped dirt and oil. This leaves skin more clear, vibrant, and beautiful.

The benefits of microdermabrasion cause skin to become rejuvenated, while promoting new collagen growth and cell renewal. Also, since the dead skin cells on the Stratum Corneum act as a barrier for the skin, once they are removed through microdermabrasion, skin care products will be more fully absorbed into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. All these microdermabrasion benefits combine to uncover youthful and radiant skin.
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Linda Manns Linneman said...

This sounds so nice. I have never had this done and I think this is something my skin could use. I love that it helps small lines and wrinkles. I also love that it helps with discoloration. I will check this out to see if I can afford it. Thank you for sharing

Lisa Queen said...

This sounds awesome. It is something that I could really use too. Thank you for the great review on it.

Sandra Watts said...

I wondered how these worked. Thanks for the review. I would love to try it.