Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pay Dirt Panning Kit Review

I thought I would start off with a video of the product and how it is used. This is something that really needs to be seen and not just written words. I don't have a camera that can do a video so that is why I am using a YouTube video from Pay Dirt. This is the Panning Kit that they sent me to review. 
The kit includes:
*12" Gold Pan
*Glass Vile
*Snuffer Bottle
*1lb Bag of Pay Dirt (that is guaranteed to contain gold)
*Certificate of Authenticity
Every kit that they make contains authentic pay dirt concentrate from active gold mines. Because they don’t know whether the gold found in this pay dirt concentrate contains a little, a lot, or no gold, they also hand salt each bag of pay dirt with real gold from active gold mines.  How much you retrieve depends on your gold panning techniques. They do not guarantee you’ll find it all, but you will have fun trying. 
Oh, I thought I would throw another interesting tidbit your way so that you will have a little more confidence in getting a kit of your own:  Pay Dirt Gold is the official provider of Gold Panning Kits for Discovery Channel's hit TV Series, GOLD RUSH.  They actually get the Gold from various sources around North America that are actual mines!
Now, I have to be honest and say we aren't very good at this. But, since they guarantee there is some gold in there because of the two way process that they use to ensure that there is through the salting process and from the original dirt, we are going to keep on trying. If you don't get it right away, they recommend to re-pan the dirt left in the bucket because it may have escaped during the panning process. I have been so busy with reviews and books lately, that I haven't tried as often as I should have and Mike is studying to take an important test for work, so once we really have the time, we are going to go through it again. We did re-watch the video per their instructions if we didn't find any.
If after multiple panning attempts you are still unable to retrieve gold then please follow the following instructions:
1. Dry your full bag of Pay Dirt and put it in a zip-lock bag
2. Email us at support@paydirtgold.com and be sure to include your Pay Dirt Bag's serial number and explain the process you went through.
3. We will review the video footage from our fulfillment facility that records each bag's bar code and the gold put in to ensure every bag is guaranteed to have gold in it.
4. If we determine that additional gold was not put in your bag we will contact you with return instructions and we will ship out a new bag once we receive the original bag back at our headquarters. 
Above is the Certificate that is in each Panning Kit. I thought that was pretty cool and I haven't by any means given up on the Gold, I just had to get busy on reviews but I am determined to master this thing! It would look pretty bad on me if I didn't. Why, you ask? Well, because where I live is Dahlonega, Georgia and contrary to what people believe, the very first gold mine in the U.S. came from here, not California.
Our mine is still open as a tourist attraction and you can go down and go through the mine on a daily tour. And one of our famous restaurant/hotels right off the square actually has a hole right in the middle of the place where they accidently found an active vein with gold running through it one day when they were renovating. The whole place had to be shut down and all the big wigs had to come and declare it a historical monument so now there is a big hole there and of course it's glassed off so you won't fall into the mine and you really can see the gold. I am surprised the owners decided not to bother it and chose instead to make it an added attraction to the restaurant.
So, you see, it's a matter of pride that I find that gold! I have tried to stay away from the Gold Rush Panning Contest every year when it's Gold Rush Festival on the square in downtown Dahlonega where they set up the troughs because there are thousands of people who come up here every year and sometimes you get trampled on and it's just not worth it, so I don't have the experience that those who do that every year get.
About Pay Dirt:
Believe it or not, the concept for Pay Dirt Gold Company was created out of a white elephant Christmas party! Scott (Founder and CEO), an avid fan of the Discovery Channel series, Gold Rush, was at his in-laws for their family's Christmas party. Scott's father-in-law brought out this old, tarnished sealed tuna fish looking can... around the can was a yellow label that read "Pan Alaska Gold Concentrate; Guaranteed to Contain Gold." At that moment, Pay Dirt Gold was born! 
So, this Valentine's Day or really any holiday or special occasion, this would make an awesome gift for your loved one. If they do find gold, well, that will just be the highlight of their day and possibly yours! And considering that they are saying that they guarantee that you will find some gold, it makes it a pretty unique and exciting gift that I bet they treasure for a long time to come. It may even cause a few of them to get Gold Fever!

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Email:  CustomerService@paydirtgold.com
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Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


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