Monday, February 24, 2014

Omron Electrotherapy Unit Review & Giveaway**Closed**

If you have joint pain or muscle pain like I do, then you will want to check out this awesome Pain Relief unit by Omron. It's called the Pain Relief Pro and it works similar to a TENS unit in case you know what those are, that might help to explain it a little better for you.
My husband and I both had TENS unit and they are very expensive even with insurance and when he lost (or stolen, which we strongly suspect) at work one day, I panicked because I knew that they would not issue another one. So, when I was offered a chance to try one of these, I jumped at it really fast!
Here is what is included in the package:
Includes: unit, electrode cords, two Long Life pads, pad holder, cloth carrying case, 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual, quick start guide and pad placement guides.
Visit Omron Pain Relief for more details.
  • TENS Technology: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology has been used by medical professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors for more than 30 years
  • Portable:Smart-phone sized unit for great portability
  • Accessible:Easy-to-read screen with large buttons allows for simple operation
  • Versatile: 8 pre-set modes offer more pain relief choices or a relaxing massage (arm, lower back, leg, foot, joints; tap, knead, rub)
  • Powerful: 10 levels of intensity for the right amount of relief.
  • Multiple Users:Ideal for sharing with other family members. Each person should have their own pads.
  • Easy To Travel With:Sturdy belt clip and soft carrying pouch for using anywhere, anytime.
  • 100% Drug-free: It's safe and effective for home use (FDA cleared)

Look at how big these pads are! They have Standard pads and Large pads for the hips and thighs.

That is why it only takes two of them and the other awesome thing is that you can use them over and over up to 150 times!

The unit itself is very small and compact and won't take up much space and they give you a clip to stick to your pants or anything else that you wear.

On the TENS units, you have to keep getting refills on their sticky pads that the lines hook up to and that can get quite expensive because they are small and round, like the EKG that you take for your heart.

Mike really loved that the pads were ALOT bigger than the TENS unit and they covered a lot more of his back area. The only difference he could tell was that instead of the constant electric tingling going up and down his back was that this one pulsed and wasn't continuous but he said it still got the job done and if you never had used a TENS unit, you wouldn't even know the difference.

We both have really bad backs and shoulders and that is where we use them the most. But, another difference in a TENS unit and this Electrotherapy Unit is that the TENS unit can only be used on the back or a large area where the Pain Relief Pro can be used anywhere, like the knees, arms, legs, etc. So, in a way, this is actually better and it costs ALOT LESS! The TENS units cost hundreds of dollars where you can go into a drug store and buy the Pain Relief Pro for $69.99!!

Check out this video and see how easy it is to put on!

How does it work? 
• Blocking the pain message to the brain
• Increasing endorphins, a natural pain reliever
• Improving blood circulation

Imagine yourself in control of the simple settings while sitting in your living room.

• Three programs (for multiple body pains)
• Five intensity levels

Where can you buy them?

You can buy them online at Omron or, buy from one of our online partners:
  • • Amazon
  • •
  • •
  • • Rite Aid
  • • Target
  • • Walgreens
  • • Walmart
About Omron:
Omron Healthcare, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wellness products. Omron’s market-leading products include home blood pressure monitors, fitness tools, such as pedometers and heart rate monitors, and electrotherapy devices. In a connected and digital world, Omron recognizes consumers’ desire to accurately monitor and track certain aspects of their day-to-day health on- and offline. Omron products provide accurate health information that support positive lifestyle changes and can be shared with friends, family and other health professionals.
They have Deals of The Week so check back often to see what products are on sale!

Connect with Omron:

Mailing Address:
Omron Healthcare, Inc.
1925 W. Field Court
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Phone:  847-680-6200 ** Fax:  847-680-6269
Contact Form | Facebook | Twitter |

The awesome folks at Omron will be giving one reader their very own Pain Relief Pro, just like the one I just reviewed! You will love this product if you suffer from Fibromyalgia like I do or have RA or OA! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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abedabun dawn said...

What other item would I like to have? I would like the Body Composition Monitor And Scale With Five Fitness Indicators (HBF-510W)

abedabun dawn said...

What other item would I like to have? I would like the Body Composition Monitor And Scale With Five Fitness Indicators (HBF-510W)

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Jennifer Hiles said...

I would be interested in trying the Fat Loss Monitor.

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