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We got a box of goodies for Charlie to try out awhile back from a company called HappyDogBox and it really had some awesome treats and one dog toy in it that he immediately loved! Check out what was in the box:
Inside the box were these items:
*Alligator Squeak Toy
*Whole Life Classic Meatballs
*YumZies Jerky Chews in Duck & Sweet Potato
*Dog For Dog DogsFood in Lamb Meal & Brown Rice
*Smart & Tasty Piggy Twist Treat
*Lickety Stik Give A Lick in Liver Flavor
*K-10 Supplement For Dog's Water Multi-Vitamin
Charlie is a sucker for toys! And if they squeak, all the better. He has had something similar to this Alligator in the past so I knew he would take to this one very well.
He grabbed it out of the box before I had a chance to cut off the white tag you see poking out on the tail. I try to take all of those off because he gets focused on those and won't stop until he has chewed it off!
He played with this Alligator for a long time by himself and then he wanted box my husband and I to play "ball" with him. We sit across from each other and throw it back and forth and Charlie tries to jump and catch it while we are tossing it back and forth.
Of course, he never wins unless we let him win on purpose and then he likes for us to chase him or play tug of war. He is like a little kid and we are his playmates!
Now, as for the treats, we ran into a lot of problems with those. If you follow my blog, you know that Charlie is a very picky eater. He will not eat dog food at all. Back when he was about 6 or 7 months old, he just stopped eating it and finally after trying I don't know how many brands and flavors, the Vet said to just boil chicken breasts for him and that is what he eats. It really has nothing to do with any companies quality or taste, Charlie is just a very weird dog!
There are a few treats he will eat and they have to be duck or sweet potato. And even that doesn't pass the test. It usually is the duck tenders or sweet potato fries that he likes or the sweet potato fries wrapped in duck jerky. So, in rejecting these treats, it's not the quality or that anything was wrong with them, Charlie just won't hardly eat treats!
These are the only two that I could get him to eat and even these took me almost a month or longer to get him to finally try it. They were the YumZies in the duck and sweet potato flavor and the Whole Life Meatballs.
I was so very happy to see that both products are made here in the U.S. I have been trying very hard to get him to eat U.S. made treats instead of the ones that come from China.
Way back when he was very small he loved the Chicken Jerky but it came from China and when all that mess came out, I took them away and he almost starved to death, because he wouldn't try anything until I finally got him to try the Duck Tenders. I was also happy to see that the Yumzies are made with real duck and they are grain free, which means no wheat, soy or corn. We also found out that Charlie is allergic to corn so that made finding a good treat almost impossible until I went online and have to order all his treats sent my mail. I can't find anything in any of the big chain pet stores or small ones either.
He will eat the Whole Life Meatballs because they are small and very lightweight. They also have some cheese flavor in them and that is another one of his favorites. Doesn't matter what flavor of cheese either. He will eat them all. I will give him a small treat with his heartworm pills once a month and it's usually in the form of one of the flavors of cheese. Not sure if he got that from Mike or me or both since we love cheese, too! I love that it's baked and then freeze dried with loads of nutrients.
Okay, on these two products, the Dog for Dog Dogsfood and the Liver flavored Lickety Lick, I had to give these to my daughter for her to test on her dogs because Charlie refused to have anything to do with these, no matter how I tried to entice him.

My daughter said her dogs ate this bag up all in one meal. Of course she has 2 dogs and so this one small bag was enough for a small afternoon meal for them.

She used the Liver flavored sauce on the dog food that she had and she said both of her dogs loved it also. So, it really isn't the product, it's Charlie. He's just a weird little dog!

Same thing with this other treat. I gave this one also to my daughter and she was able to break it in half and between both of her dogs, they had it gone in minutes.

I did keep one packet of the K-10 and gave her one also just in case Charlie wouldn't drink the water with it in there. I wanted to make sure that I hedged my bets. I did get Charlie to drink his water but I put small amounts in there just to make sure he didn't taste anything too weird. I really wanted him to like it because I know he needs to get more vitamins since he isn't eating dog food. My daughter's dogs didn't notice a thing! She has medium size dogs and they are always competing so they pretty much eat and drink whatever she puts down. Too bad Charlie isn't that way!

There are too many supplements in this packet for me to list them all, but it's quite an impressive list. And I ran it by our Vet and he approved, so I knew it wouldn't hurt Charlie or my daughter's dogs. I know, I am a little overprotective, but he is a purebred Yorkie, and I don't take any chances with him.
As for HappyDogBox, when you sign up for their service, it works pretty much like the Bulu boxes, where once a month you will get a box full of goodies for your pet, no matter what size. They fix the boxes according to what you made for your profile and they try very hard to include the things that you put down as your dog liking. It's like getting smaller versions of treats and toys to test out for your dog before you buy the big full sizes and realize you have lost a lot of money, especially if your dog is like Charlie.
Gosh, I couldn't tell you how much we lost in trying to find a dog food and treats that he would like. So, I wish this had been around 6 years ago because it sure would have helped me identify which brands and flavors he liked without buying full size products. You will also get one full size toy for your dog in the box of goodies.

Here's how it works:
Our team scours the country to find you the latest and greatest in treats, toys and other super cool dog products at huge discounts ‹ things you can't find at the typical big box pet store. Every month your dog will receive a monthly surprise box full of four to six delicious treats, engaging toys, healthy chews and convenient accessories picked by our experts with love and care. Each box is conveniently delivered to your door with no shipping charges. Try it now or give it as a gift – for only $21 a month (normally $29.99).
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Phone:  (888) 364-8654
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Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you. 


Laurie Nykaza said...

My dogs would love this box of goodies the toys look like great quality toys and the treats look like great flavors they would enjoy. I love that you can have it delivered to your home so convenient too.