Thursday, February 27, 2014

Exercising And Using Heart Monitors

If you spend any amount of time at a gym or health club, you probably know a little about heart rate monitors. Many trainers recommend them for their clients, exercise instructors recommend them in their classes and friends use them to compare “calories burned” back in the locker room. There are some great benefits that go along with heart rate monitors.

Heart rate monitors, like the monitors you can find at and other sports stores, can help you maintain and find the right type of exercise intensity so that you can reach your fitness goals. High-end models offer specific time requirements and zone intensity to reach individual fitness performance and weight loss goals.

When you measure the working rate of your heart, you can determine how much of a benefit you’re getting from your workout. Using a heart rate monitor is more accurate than stopping your workout to take your pulse manually. Using a heart rate monitor is very dependable as long as you remember to use it.

Heart rate monitors can help keep you from exercising too hard during a single session and from over-training. If your heart rate goes higher than it should before, during or after your workout, it might be a sign that your body needs rest.

Your heart monitor can help you track your progress. Some heart rate monitors store weeks’ worth of your workout sessions. This can help you identify training errors or give you the motivation to stay on track. It’s a nice benefit for someone who can’t remember how far they ran three days ago.

Having a heart rate monitor can put the fire back into your workout program. Most people never thought they would take orders from their computers, but wouldn’t you feel a little guilty if your heart rate monitor told you that you had an incomplete week of training or that you need to train a lot more? Usually, that’s about enough motivation to get you going back to the gym or track.

Some people prefer that physical push to get them going, but having that tiny screen that tells you that you met your training goals for the week feels like that nice pat on the back you couldn’t give yourself.