Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cyndibands Review & Giveaway**Closed**

If you are like me and don't have a whole lot of time to mess with your hair, or have shoulder length and longer hair or it just gets in your way, then you will love this new product called Cyndibands! They recently sent me some of their Valentine's Day hair ties to try out and I love them! I have actually used something similar to these but they are thinner and not as strong as these are, so I will definitely be using my a lot!
Check out this one called Love:

Main reasons to use Cyndibands:
  • Use to secure ponytails and braids
  • No-fray heat sealed ends
  • Gentle elastic won't snag or damage hair
  • Can also be worn as bracelets
  • Made in the USA

  • What I love best about this 6 pack of hair ties is that they can used year round, not just for Valentine's Day. I am go glad that they put in a silver/grey one and a beautiful pink one. The wine colored one is also gorgeous. And really, even the one with white hearts on it can be worn whenever you wish. Just say it was a "love gift" from the man that you love! I think they are cute, quirky and adorable all rolled into one.

    I think that they will be a big hit among girls, no matter what their age. Color seems to be the "big" thing right now and these are definitely the right colors to make someone take notice of you if that is what you really are trying to accomplish. Think of them as diamonds for the hair.

    I also got this package to try also, called the Conversation Hearts hair ties and they come with their own little Valentine Card so if you want to give them to someone, you can leave them a cute little message.
    CyndiBands are elastic hair ties and headbands that are gentle on your hair and come in an array of fun colors.  The ribbon hair ties are made from a soft elastic and have a single knot on the end. People love these hair ties because they don’t snag or damage hair. I can tell you that these are a far cry from the old ones that used to get stuck in my hair and then I had a hard time getting them free from my hair! And then there is the number one reason you will want some of these: they don't leave that mark on your hair when you tie it up in  ponytail!

    Check out the colors:


    The reason that these hair ties are so different than others that you may have tried is that they have figured out a way to solve the frayed ends. I am talking about the part where the knot is and those two ends that stick out. I have had the same thing happen to me in the past, so to find out that I can now get these and they will stay in place, is a great relief to me. The frayed ends made me feel like I wasn't being neat, like someone would think I didn't care about my appearance when in fact I do.
    But, here is what Cyndibands did to fix the problem:
    In December 2012 we began manufacturing CyndiBands with a process that heat seals the ends. Starting January 2013 all CyndiBands we shipped were made using this process. It has made a big difference in the quality of CyndiBands.  
    Another reason you will love this site is because  they offer the best color options, which includes the create your own set. This set allows customers to choose the colors in a set of 6 or 10 hair ties from our vast selection of colors. You can also have yours custom made with your name on the card, like where the one at the top says Love, instead you would put your name there or if buying as a gift, you put that person's name there. How neat is that?
    About Cyndibands:
    Back in July of 2010, my mom was in town visiting for the weekend and I thought making hair ties would be a fun project for the two of us. When we were done I started handing them out to friends and the response was amazing - People really loved them! Soon my friends started calling them CyndiBands. Truthfully, I wasn't interested in having them named after me but the name caught on very quickly with friends so it stayed.

    Creating and developing the CyndiBands brand has been so much fun. I love the reactions people have when I introduce them to CyndiBands. People love the variety and colors. It's been wonderful to see how something so simple can create such excitement!

    I do sincerely love the product and like so many people who've tried them just once - I've never worn another type of hair tie again.

    A few years back my hair stylist told me it wasn't good to wash hair every day. This got me into a long standing pony tail habit. Now with CyndiBands I don't have to worry about my hair being damaged or dealing with any breakage issues when wearing my hair up. It's so wonderful when I go to the salon and I hear someone comment on my healthy hair.
    Connect with Cyndibands:

    Mailing Address:
    4096 Glencoe Avenue
    Marina Del Ray, CA 90292
    Email:  info@cyndibands.com
    Phone:  310-626-0002 ** Fax: 310-882-6270
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    I will be giving away the Conversation Heart Set in this giveaway to one winner. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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    I want a set of skinny glitter headbands too.

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    I love the Zoe hair ties.

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    I would love the Congo set. I love anything with prints :)

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    I like the glitter skinny headbands. So cute.

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    I love the Black/White hair ties! :))

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    I would also love the valentine's day 6 pack hair ties

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    set of 3 solid elastic headbands

    Ashley Sifers

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    I would also like the Lark set of 6 pack black grey hair ties.

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    I like the Gemma set........
    thank you for the giveaway!!

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