Friday, February 28, 2014

Bil-Jac Grain Free Soft Training Treats For Dogs Review

Charlie recently got this awesome bag of Bil-Jac Chicken & Sweet Potato flavored treats to try. You know how he is, very stubborn and doesn't like to try things, so it took me awhile to get him to warm up to them. There's nothing wrong with them, it's Charlie. He has been the most finicky dog I have ever run across! Even our Vet is mystified as to why Charlie will only eat about 3 or 4 different kinds of dog food and that is it!
But, fortunately, I was able to get him to nibble on these but it took me about 6 or so weeks. Your dog will probably eat them right up! We have given these to my daughter's dogs also and they did just that. Charlie is just one more unique dog.
Take a look at him:
He loves playing with his ball! Actually, that is one of the ways we have to do to get him to eat, I kid you not! If we don't throw the ball right pass his food, he won't eat, I am totally serious! So, every time it's time to eat, we have to say, "Let's play ball!" and he comes running and jumping and then Mike throws the ball and it goes right by his food, then Charlie runs like he is going to get the ball and he stops on the way and eats his food! Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Anyway, he finally ate the Bil-Jac Chicken & Sweet Potato Soft Treats and that is his favorite flavor other than Duck. Those are the only 2 flavors he will eat now, Sweet Potato and Duck. If it doesn't have those in it, you might as well forget it. But, these are nice and soft and just the right size for him. He is a Yorkie, full blood, one of the ones that is the right size, not the miniatures.  Oh, did you know that there are 322 different breeds of dogs? I sure didn't so that really shocked me! Check it out on Bil-Jac's site!
  • Soft training treats, right size for training but also great for small dogs
  • A delicious combination of real chicken and sweet potato
  • No grain, gluten meal or rendered fat
  • No sprayed on products
  • Resealable double-zipper pouch

  • They really are very moist because if they weren't Charlie wouldn't have eaten them. Now, he does like Duck Tenders, so he does eat crunchy food, but when it comes to stuff like this, he wants his other treats to be soft and moist.

    Which is why he also won't eat dry dog food unless it's the middle of the night and we are all sleeping, he sneaks out to the kitchen and will eat the dry food I leave out. Otherwise, he eats boiled chicken, yes, I said boiled chicken. The Vet was concerned that he wouldn't eat when he was about 6 or 7 months, he just stopped eating dog food and no matter what brand we bought, he refused to eat. He started fainting and it scared us so bad that the Vet said to boil chicken and thankfully that worked. He is definitely stubborn! I have no idea why eating a small handful of dry food in the middle of the night is different, but there you go!

    These tasty little treats have:
    Crude Protein, not less than .................... 24.0%
    Crude Fat, not less than ........................ 10.0%
    Crude Fiber, not more than ...................... 3.0%
    Moisture, not more than ......................... 30.0%

    And the key ingredients are: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Sweet Potato and they are Made in America!

    You won't be able to get these in stores, only in pet stores. I haven't ever tried to buy them anywhere other than pet stores, so I am not sure if there is a store somewhere that does or not, but according to the Store Locator, it directs you to pet stores.

    Bil-Jac has lots of other treats and dog food for your dog if you prefer to feed them Grain Free products.  I like that they have it divided up into groups, such as Small Breed, Puppy, Adult, Large, and then they take it further by dividing that into Large Breed Adult and Small Breed Adult. You can also get Senior Select or Reduced Fat and Sensitive Formula. So, whatever your dog's need is, I bet you can find it at Bil-Jac.

    I was really impressed to see that they have something called a Best Friend's Club! Just click on the below banner and go check it out to see what all you can get in the monthly newsletter!
    Have you heard of the Two Bowl Challenge? Check it out and see if it's something that you might like to try with your dog.  Again, just click on the banner.

    And lastly, I wanted to bring awareness to this awesome program that they have called America's VetDogs. You guys know by now how I feel about our Veterans because my Dad was in the Army for 22 years. I support them any way that I can even though he is gone now, I actually have doubled my efforts. I try to donate when I can or spread the word, whichever way I can help. Just click on the red bag below to go and see how you can also participate.
    This is what they do: America’s VetDogs trains and provides assistance dogs to veterans and active duty personnel with disabilities at no charge. Your purchase will make a difference to America’s military heroes.

     About Bil-Jac:
    When you feed Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food to your dog, he'll start wearing his best coat. One that's shiny, lustrous, and full. Because he's eating healthier, he'll also have softer skin, brighter eyes, increased activity, improved muscle tone and, believe it or not, a smaller & firmer stool - a sign that he's getting all the vital nutrients he needs. 
    That's because Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food is unique.  
    Your dog is a carnivore. That's why Bil-Jac provides MORE real chicken protein in his diet than any other dry dog food. We start by using the highest quality and quantity of real chicken and real chicken organ meat, which we source real from nearby chicken processors that make the real chicken for your dinner table.
    Bil-Jac healthy Vitamins Omega-3 and Omega-6 
    From there, we protect the real chicken and real chicken organ meat's nutrients by our exclusive nutrient protection technology. This helps protect the heat sensitive Amino Acids from heat damage that can occur in most expanded dog foods. And we add just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to make a complete and balanced diet.
    Connect with Bil-Jac:

    Mailing Address:
    3337 Medina Road
    Medina, Ohio 44256
    Phone: (800) 321-1002 ** Fax: (330) 722-7999

    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


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