Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ask Me Anything, Lord Book Review

I have a different type of book to share with you today called Ask Me Anything, Lord written by Heather King.
Don’t let fear, doubt, and perceived insufficiency get in the way of you making an impact for God! Find out how you can overcome the struggle of uncertainty with this soul-searching book by Heather C. King. Explore the questions God asks in Scripture that reveal the true motives and intents of the heart, challenge your thinking, and help you move forward. Ask Me Anything, Lord includes resources for personal reflection, group discussion, and life application—perfect for women’s small group study.
Praise for Ask Me Anything, Lord: 
“The words on the pages of this book demonstrate the living, dynamic nature of the Word of God as His voice dives to the depths of our souls in a frequency that each one of us can perceive in our spirits, because we are created in His likeness and are in tune with the Spirit of God. Heather C. King has beautifully captured the joy of hearing and answering God’s questions to us, His people, and prepared our hearts to answer!”
(Debbie R. Harper, founder of StoneyBrook Media and publisher of the online women 2013-07-23)
"Ask My Anything, Lord is truly a God-focused and inspiring read. I wholeheartedly recommend this marvelous book."
(Stasia Nielsen, Small Groups Ministry Leader with 2013-08-01)
"Heather King will take you on an amazing journey in Ask Me Anything, Lord--one that will leave you fully aware of God’s grace, confident in His sovereignty, and humbly responsive to what He desires to do in and through you! Embrace the search for a deeper relationship with God through the questions in this book and you will be forever changed!"
(Tracey Eyster, author Be The Mom and founder of FamilyLife's 2013-08-12)
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I normally don't talk much about religion and what I believe except for the few rare times that I feel a book might help someone else see things more clearly without me having to interject myself into the equation. When that happens, I just try to pass along the information and let you be the judge of what you believe or don't believe.
My best friend read this book and really enjoyed it immensely. She is a good person who always tries to do the right thing all of the time and I don't know of a time that she wasn't there or wasn't calling me when I needed help the most.  So, when she tells me a book is really good and has some good suggestions in it, I listen.
If you like reading spiritual books just for the "good feel" that comes with it, then you will want to read this one and add it to your collection.
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Heather King is a busy-but-blessed wife and mom to four. She blogs about applying the Bible to everyday life with all of its mess, noise, and busyness at Her book: Ask Me Anything, Lord: Opening Our Lives to God's Questions was released in November 2013.
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