Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Look Like I Could You A Drink T-Shirts Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I got this really awesome Funny Irish T-shirt from this awesome sight! You really should check it out!  They have some really cool Irish T-shirts for you to look through. I will give you some examples in a second.

Mike sure does look grouchy today, huh? He hates having his picture taken! So, he's really tired and I guess this is the last thing he wants to do. But, later he will apologize and say, "I was just tired" and ask me if I want to take another one. But I have already downloaded this one and besides I think it's kinda funny he looks like that every SINGLE time! He cracks me up when I look at it so in a way, I am poking fun at him.
Here's a better look at the shirt. I took this photo off of their site so you could really see how awesome it really is. These are Hanes shirts (which means they are the nice thick shirts, not those thin ones) and are 100% cotton and the neat thing about these shirts are they are now Tagless! Yes, you heard me, there will no longer be any tags back there to bug the crap out of you. I know Mike hates them. Every shirt he has, he has cut the tags out, which I really don't like because if he leaves a small hole, it turns into a big one after a few washings.
This is one of my favorites because it looks like it is mocking baseball:
Can ya just see it now? He even has the baseball hat on backwards! Someone really got creative with this one. These are the ones I like because they poke a little fun but aren't downright stupid. Just enough to be hilarious without being mean or weird. Here is another of my favorites:
I choose not to look at the symbols of beer mugs and where they are placed and hope that that had nothing to do with it but hey, we know men look there very first thing before anything else. At least they don't make it glaring.
The words sorta hide the obvious so for that, I appreciate the humor. When it's done in a good fun way, no harm. It's the obvious attempt at being dumb that makes me boil. Hey, you know what I just realized? All of my favorite shirts are black although they have green writing! Okay, I better see if I can find a good one in green because I need some color!
Ah, here we go, now let's do Football since we did Baseball already! See, I find humor in the sweet innocent sayings rather the darker more hidden meanings. These are shirts I can relate to better. Nice clean fun, poking fun at Sports!
And this one is my absolute favorite! I love frogs and actually collect all kinds of garden frogs for my garden and even have a few ceramic ones in the house.  Plus, I am always a big stickler for it having the year of my infamous party or going out day so with the date on this one and it being frogs on a white tee (my favorite color for a tee, sorry, white always trumps color).
Now, this is the person I would like to meet and shake their hands for a job well done. You capture the flair of the holiday along with clean fun and use frogs to boot and have the year on the shirt. My kind of designer!
Seriously, though, you guys would really love shopping at Funny Irish Shirts because they even have some for those of you who like the lewd kind of shirts also but I won't show them because I like to keep my laughs clean and funny but wanted those who like the opposite to know that they have your kind also.
I hope for those of you who do partake in this long traditional day, will be safe and if you do go out and know that you will be drinking a bit, either take a cab or a bus or have a friend with you who doesn't drink but likes to tag along anyway to watch all of you act like nuts when you have had too much!
Remember, if you have too much to drink, call someone, even if you have to call your parents or your brother or sister to come pick you up, never ever leave the bar with a stranger. Play it safe and stay in numbers and then let loose and have an awesome time! You are only young (age 21 and older) once, so go live because who knows what tomorrow brings!
And when you make that call to your parents or siblings or friend, just tell them this:
Connect with FunnyIrish T Shirts:
Phone: 1-888-687-4478
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Dorothy Teel said...

Good to have a hubby who does participate, and lets you take his picture, the t shirts and sayings are cute . From one Irish person to another, Give hubby a kiss and may the luck of the Irish follow you

fee roberts said...

Love these tees! The first one is hilarious! =D