Monday, January 13, 2014

Wholly Guacamole Review

I recently got to review some new and some of their current products over the holidays. As you know, I love Wholly Guacamole and all of their awesome salsa's and dips. You just can't beat the taste!
Here is what I received to review:
1.)  Wholly Guacamole Mini's
2.)  Wholly Guacamole Chunky
3.)  Wholly Guacamole Homestyle Dip
4.)  Wholly Guacamole Roasted Tomato Dip
5.)  Taco Bean Dip & Guacamole
6.)  Black Bean Dip & Homestyle Guacamole
7.)  Avocado, Black Bean & Roasted Corn Dip
The last three are new to their line and were an absolute treat to test! We love Mexican food and dips especially, so on New Year's Eve, we broke out all of the dips and pretty much just munched the whole night. I had made big dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I pretty much told everyone, no cooking on New Year's Eve, so if you want a big dinner, stay at home and cook!

As for the Chunky Avocado, we loved it very much! I was able to mix it in with some Medium Salsa to tame the flavor of the Salsa down and to prolong the use of both dips. We are a dip eating family around here and will try just about anything! If it is too spicy for me, then my husband takes over and eats those and leaves the mild dips for me. I have acid reflux and have to be careful about really spicy foods, but with Wholly Guacamole, I can always find something that works for me!
Our other favorite is the Homestyle because it is creamy and mixed just right. It does have a little kick to it, not much, but enough that I took some of the Mini's and mixed it together to make it a little more tolerable for me. Although, I have to admit that I left that one to the guys mostly. I stayed with the Mini's because they were perfect for me! I scooped them up with the chips that are scoops and added a little bit of sour cream and was in heaven! Some time during the night, we melted some mild Mexican style cheese with no jalapenos and the Mini's mixed with that cheese definitely was the tops!
The Mini's are perfect for me because each one is only 100 calories and it's easier for me to keep up with what I am eating my using these cups. As with all of Wholly Guacamole's products, you can freeze them up to 3 months with no problems. But, do remember, they still need to be kept in the fridge once they are thawed. Why? Because they use no preservatives or chemicals, so they are as fresh as they can be!
This is one of the newest additions to their family, the Avocado, Black Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa Dip. For this one, I let the guys take over because it does have a bit of a kick. They combines chunks of avocado, whole black beans and fire roasted corn with spicy red bell pepper, a bit of cilantro and a hint of jalapeño pepper for a flavorful kick. I only tipped my spoon in and got just a spidge of it and that was enough. The men said it was super good, so I will take their word on it!
Another great favorite that night was the Guacamole Layered Black Bean Dip. It consists of black beans, corn, garlic, and cumin, all layered on top of the Wholly Guacamole Homestyle dip which is composed of creamy avocado, Serrano peppers, cilantro and lime. I was able to eat just a little bit of this one with some soft tortilla's that I had heated up and then added some refried beans to it along with sour cream and that tamed it down just a tad for me.

We love the taste of Tacos, so we were all anxious to try this one, the Guacamole Layered Taco Bean Dip. They had combined the flavors of Hass avocado, pinto beans, roasted corn and tomato, this dip is blended to perfection with paprika, cumin, oregano and masa spices. I really loved this one the best! I had chopped up some onions, tomatoes and had some melted Mexican cheese and sour cream and made myself a layered burrito! Too bad everybody else saw me do it, so they wanted one also. Needless to say, all the dips were gone by the end of the night in addition to the few that I had made!

We saved this Roasted Tomato Salsa and used it in my homemade Queso Dip and it came out perfect! I get requests to make this every New Year's Eve and every Super Bowl, so it's an all time favorite around here. Whichever salsa or dip that you prefer from Wholly Guacamole, you will not be disappointed in the taste. They always are freshly made with good ingredients and you will never see any chemicals in any of their products.

And one of the other best things about their products is that they are gluten free, dairy free and kosher. You really should check out their Recipe section because they have some really amazing ones! I found one for Potato Salad that I am going to try for my Easter dinner!

How are they able to keep them fresh without chemicals?
High Pressure Processing or HPP technology is an all-natural process that protects and defends foods while preserving them through the use of high-pressure water rather than with heat, chemicals and other processes that can ultimately damage natural flavors. HPP is what makes our guacamole taste so yummy without any preservatives or additives having to be added. We want it to be just like homemade (without the fuss). Would you add chemical preservatives to your homemade guacamole?  
HPP is all about using cold-water pressure instead of heat to preserve our product. Food safety is our number one priority. HPP process kills naturally occurring bacteria that can cause food deterioration and affects food safety, including salmonella, while at the same time preserving taste, texture and natural vitamins. 2 = 2 = 4 RIGHT? This same cold water is low-energy and is recyclable so it’s more efficient than thermal preservation.
How they got started:
You’d probably think a guacamole company’s story would start with an avocado tree. But our story starts with a man named Don Bowden. In 1989, this Dallas restaurant owner started to look for a pre-made guacamole to serve in his Mexican restaurants. His biggest problem was that avocados start to brown as soon as you cut them open.

Every package of guacamole and salsa we produce is made with the same attention to quality and safety that was important to Don 25 years ago. We always use real Hass avocados and natural ingredients that never include preservatives*, artificial flavoring or fillers.
Connect with Wholly Guacamole:


Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


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