Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tru Hue Makeup Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I decided to start this review off with their video that explains the concept of what they did with their company and how they match you up with the right shades for your makeup. Tru Hue is designed with you in mind so that you get the right shades that compliment you. I was sent my own little makeup bag filled with goodies that were tailor made just for me.
The set came in this neat little blue bag and here is what's in the bag:
1.)  BB Cream in Light
2.)  Mineral Gemstone Bronzer in Harmony
3.)  Mineral Lip Mousse in Nude Blush
4.)  Superwear Gel Liner in Noir 01
5.)  Brow Definer in Soft Taupe
6.)  Mascara
7.)  Sharpener
Let's start with the BB Cream with the SPF 30. Yes, I didn't make a mistake, it really does have SPF 30 in there! It comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Medium Deep. This BB Cream will give you plenty of moisturizer which tends to give you a dewy look. If you prefer a matte look, then you will want to check out the Liquid Powder Foundation instead.
The BB Cream has 7 benefits in one product! Hydrate, Lift, Renew, Even Tone, Brighten, Prime, and Protect all in one step! Tru Hue's BB Cream has the highest organic UVA protection on the market with 15% Titanium Dioxide- the most effective proven UVA block!
This is the Bronzer in Harmony. I chose this color because I like to look like I have a little color because I am so fair skinned. But not too much. I don't look good in pink tones for some reason. I have tried just about all brands and they all do the same thing, make me look even more washed out, so I have learned to use bronzer all year round, not just in the summer. I love that this one has light and dark mixed so you can create your own special color.
Ah, now this is where it gets interesting. This is a toss up between a lipstick and a mousse. It's made with Argan Oil and supercharged with antioxidant Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids and Mulit-Mineral Complex. Hypoallergenic. And it's Paraben-free. This Lip Mousse has Filling Spheres that instantly fill in lines and plump - for lips that are lush, soft, younger looking.
I chose Nude Blush because it's suppose to go with dirty blonde, light brown, red & medium dark brown hair as well as blonde & platinum. I am a light brown or dirty blonde, however you want to look at it, so this fit me to a T.
I went with the Classic Black for my eyeliner gel. I really am not into all those colors and just prefer the old fashioned basic. But, this is no ordinary eyeliner gel! There are four other colors to choose from.
This gel eyeliner is a smudge-proof, easy-to-apply eye liner formula. Intense color pay-off with long-lasting coverage. It contains moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, including Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. No touch-up is required.
I chose Soft Taupe for the Brow Definer vs. the Dark Taupe because I am fair skinned and making them darker would have made me look like a clown. I don't have really good eyebrows to begin with. I don't know what happened to them but they are almost non existent so it would look weird to have dark drawn lines on my forehead.
This felt-tip pen defines and fills-in brows for hours of indelible wear. Designed for expert control and easy application, the quick-dry formula sets instantly, and won't smudge or stray, as it delivers a lasting, natural finish and professional makeup artist results. It's Paraben and fragrance free.
Lastly, there is no choice for the Mascara, everyone gets the same color. But it works, so I am happy. The hollow-fiber brush lifts and separates. It's protein-rich formula builds in strength and flexibility. It has nine botanicals, plus Vitamins A, E and C to condition and nourish so that your eyelashes come across as looking fat and healthy!
Other than the makeup, the only other choice you could make is to get the Luxury Gloss instead of the Lip Mousse. I chose the Lip Mousse because it was suppose to help my lips look better and fill in to plump it up.
About the Founder:
Founder of Tru Hue Makeup, Marcella Cardinal, has worked in the skin care and professional makeup industry for 19 years, starting in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where she worked in her mother’s skin care center, catering to royal families and an international clientele. Following her passion for skin care and helping make women look and feel beautiful, Cardinal pursued additional training internationally in esthetics, makeup artistry, and massage therapy in Spain, France and Argentina.  
Since moving back to the U.S. in 1995, Cardinal has worked on commercials, photography shoots, as well as movie and television sets She has also worked for Universal Studios and Sea World. She was featured on the television show The Doctors, and while living in Los Angeles developed a loyal clientele, including business executives, artists and celebrities. During the award season, she offered treatments to participants of Oscar and Emmy lounges. 
In 2010, Cardinal founded unBridaled Beauty to provide her clients with outstanding and quality makeup services for brides. She has hand-selected a team of specialists to work with her in creating her vision and delivering the utmost quality of work. 
Cardinal is a well-known expert in her field. She has various makeup tutorials on Tyra Banks’ website and is a beauty source for various journalists. Her passion is to help you achieve the best possible skin, and to develop a makeup look that’s true to you, whether you’re on set, walking down the aisle or simply day to day.
You will love her no nonsense approach to applying makeup. I agree with her, it should be effortless and not take hours to put on. I am at that stage in life where I don't want to be bothered with all of that stuff. I just want simple and off I go! This kit accomplishes that for me!

Connect with Tru Hue:

Mailing Address:
912 Bradshaw Terrace
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone:  252-3-TRU-HUE
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The awesome folks at Tru Hue will be giving one winner a set of eye products that includes the Mascara, Brow Definer and Eyeliner Gel and the Sharpener. You can choose your colors on the Eyeliner Gel and Brow Definer. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


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Tru Hue Broad Spectrum BB Cream with SPF 30

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I want to try the Tru Hue Luxury Gloss

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