Monday, January 20, 2014

The Turning Book Review

I have a faith based book to share with you called The Turning written by Davis Bunn.
The message was unexpected but instantly recognizable.   
A voice resonated from a distance and somehow from within.  Against all earthly logic, it carried a divine command.  And five very different people knew they were summoned to obey. 
Their actions were demanding, but not particularly grand.  Only later would they see a pattern emerge - one that links their tasks together and comes to challenge the cultural direction of the nation.  They realize that one small personal response unveiled a new realm of moral responsibility.  And this affirmation of everyday hope captures the attention of millions. 
But power and money are at stake.  Malicious elements soon align themselves to counter the trend.  To succeed they must also undermine its source.  Can we really believe that God speaks to people today?  Surely this must be dismissed as superstition or delusion.  These well-intentioned but misguided individuals should not be allowed to cast our society back into the Dark Ages. 
The public debate and media frenzy place an unprecedented spotlight on knowing and doing God's will.  The five encounter threats, but try to remain steadfast in their faith.  Had God indeed imparted wisdom on selected individuals?  Is this sweep of events part of his divine purpose?
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This was actually a very good story and had some drama and had the good guys and the bad guys duking it out on the premise that Hope is Not Dead. Yes, it is a faith based book but it still had a plot and a good storyline, so it will keep you intrigued.
The 5 believers are up against 2 men that disagree with the others and try everything that they can to destroy them and to get people to ridicule them. But, isn't that what non-believers have done throughout time?
The 3 men and 2 women that are called upon by God to help spread the word do in fact answer the call and do take the "turn" for him. That is when the real struggles begin because 2 powerful men who don't believe try to make them out to be frauds, especially John Jacobs, who has taken over a ministry from Barrett's Ministries because Ruth Barrett is ill and can no longer run it by herself since her husband died. She did not want the voice to be silenced and for some to miss the chance to hear about God.
Of course, by taking that job on, he is the target of Trent Cooper and the Mundrose Group who keep telling everyone that Hope is Dead and John keeps saying No, it's not.
The book ends with you having to decide for yourself what to make of the whole story and what the outcome will be, which is really how it should be. We really don't know other people's hearts, only God knows that. 
If you love reading faith based books, this heartwarming story and John Jacobs rise to meet the challenge to help preserve Barrett Ministries will give you hope!
Happy Reading!

I have a book trailer also that you can watch:

About the Author: 
T. DAVIS BUNN, a native of North Carolina, has lived in Europe for thirty-five years. Davis' academic background includes degrees in psychology and economics from Wake Forest University and a master's degree in finance from the City University of London. Fluent in three languages, he has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
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