Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Dead Of Summer Book Review

I have a new book to share with you called The Dead of Summer written by Mari Jungstedt, who is an International Best Seller. This is my first book that I have read written by her.
While vacationing on the Swedish island Gotland, a young father of two is shot on the beach while jogging. Assistant commissioner Karin Jacobsson, who must lead the investigation while Anders Knutas is on vacation, is at a loss until another horrific crime is committed. Mari Jungstedt successfully combines a thrilling, raw crime novel with a multilayered relational drama.
This was the first book that I can remember in a long time that I didn't get a handle on right away. Normally because I have read so many murder/mysteries I can almost tell a few chapters in who did it. But, not with this one. It kept me in suspense almost to the very end.

And that is a hard thing to do given how many books I read of this nature, so I take my hat off to Mari Jungstedt for fooling me for that long.

It's a well written book and story. You actually don't even know the reason why this man and another man have been killed until the ending. I had no clue what they could have done and at first the story leads you in a totally different direction where you think it's about money but it's definitely not that!

This book kept me guessing, which is a good thing, because I don't ever want my books to get so predictable that I know where it's going before I am even halfway finished, which is where a few books in the past have taken me. So, Kudos to Mari Jungstedt for keeping me in suspense almost to the end!

If you love mysteries, then this book will not disappoint you which is why I am not saying much about the plot because I want you to be as surprised as I was!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:
Born in 1962, Mari Jungstedt is the author of the beloved, bestselling crime series featuring police detective Anders Knutas. Since the 2003 release of Unseen (Den du inte ser), the first novel in the series, she has been recognized as part of the elite group of Swedish crime writers.

Praised for her intelligent plots, fast pace and excruciating suspense all set on the exotic island Gotland, her books have already sold more than 2.2 million copies in Sweden alone and three million copies worldwide. They have been translated into more than fifteen languages and adapted into German television shows with over five million viewers per episode.

Mari Jungstedt has two children and lives in Stockholm. She often spends her summers in Gotland. While working for many years as a news anchor at Sweden's largest broadcasting station, Mari harbored a secret dream of writing novels. As soon as she took the time to write, it was like opening a box of unwritten stories.

With the beautiful yet dramatic landscape of Gotland serving as a setting, Mari Jungstedt successfully crafts macabre acts of violent crime against an innocent environment. She creates a successful first-rate drama with focus on relationship problems, and she sketches a picture of the frail human condition, mirrored in the island.

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