Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Cloud Seeders Book Review

Title: The Cloud Seeders
Genre:Young Adult/Teen/ Dystopian/Science Fiction
Author: James Zerndt
Publisher: James Zerndt
Pages: 268
Language: English
Format:Paperback, Kindle

Book Description:
Serve Your Country, Conserve Your Water, Observe Your Neighbor  
This is the slogan of the Sustainability Unit and of a country gone eco-hysterical. After nearly twelve months without rain and the hinges of the world barely still oiled, Thomas and his younger brother, Dustin, set out across a drought-ridden landscape in search of answers. What they discover along the way will change their lives, and their country, forever.  
The Cloud Seeders weaves humor and heartache, as well as poetry and science, into a unique novel that defies categorization.
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My Review:
If you love YA Fantasy, Science Fiction and/or Thrillers, then this book will satisfy your cravings for all of those genres.
This is actually a story that could very well come true as far as what the government is capable of and how they control people. The invention of the Cloud Seeder, well, I don't know about that part, but as far as the government doing secret things behind our back, that I believe.
This is a story about two boys who have a father that is a scientist who discovers how to make rain and how to control the rain. The project is The Cloud Seeder and because their father saw the potential for disaster if run by the government, I think he was going to tell the people what they were doing. But, instead, they are both killed and made to look like suicides so that their two boys could have their rations of food and water.
You see, the government is hoarding the water in the eastern part of the United States while out in the west, people are dying of thirst. They are so desperate for water that they have what they called Recyclers that recycles their pee! Yes, you read that right, these poor folks are having to recycle their pee for water while the people who live in the east have lush green grass and plenty of food and water!!
The oldest boy comes home and finds his parents bodies in the basement in a grave with a note telling him what they did. So, he finishes burying them and tells no one that they are dead, even his brother. He tells them they went on a trip to California (they live in Oregon) and it's top secret. But, in reality, the President of the United States had his parents killed to shut them up.
The boys join a group that patrols and finds people breaking the law, such as making their own recyclers and taking baths or watering their lawns. If you get too many of these violations, you could be deemed a Leftover and Leftovers have a way of disappearing.
Slowly but surely the boys get restless and begin to question things. That is where the story gets very interesting. If you love mysteries or YA Fantasy, this book will delight you and you will want to read it until the end. At least I did. And what an ending it was!
Happy Reading!
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About the Author:
James Zerndt lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and son. His poetry has appeared in The Oregonian, and his fiction has most recently appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal and SWINK magazine. He recieved an MFA in Writing from Pacific University and rarely refers to himself in the third person.
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