Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Amazing Crystal Book Review

I have a good YA Fantasy book to share with you today called The Amazing Crystal written by Gerald Lizee.
In the summer of 2025, Lydia’s grandfather sent her a strange diamond pendant admonishing her to handle it with utmost care. From the moment that she receives the small package, her life changes. She becomes engulfed in a series of life-threatening events that lead her to realize the incredible properties of the pendant. Slowly she learns that the diamond contains an alien intelligence able to communicate directly with the human brain.  
Rumors of its powers spread, the Mafia designs a Machiavellian plot to seize the extraterrestrial gem, whose value is estimated at $ 100 billion. An unprecedented confrontation occurs between mercenaries hired by the Mafia and American security services. As rumors continue to grow, the American authorities are forced to release stunning revelations about the life and mission of the alien genius to the peoples and nations of the world.  
The news throws the scientific world into turmoil. Economic and political ideologies are brought into question and religious beliefs are shaken. But the Mafia wants to have the last say: confrontation is inevitable.  
My Thoughts:

This would be a great book for a teen to read who is really into Science and/or Math. It's a good plot about a young girl and her genius grandfather who stumbles upon an alien object that is able to communicate with him just by sending thoughts to his brain.
According to her grandfather, he accidently came upon the crystal pendant over 30 years ago and never told his family about it but did bring in some other scientists to help him study and listen to what the alien had to say.
Throwing the mob into the mix who want the crystal for themselves so that they can control the world adds a little bit more danger to the whole story but it also lends some pretty funny laughs too. Not so much what they do but how they talk and act, or so it was for me anyway.
Although it gets really technical in some parts of the book and there is a lot of scientist type talk, it still is filled with a lot of action with a side twist of some romance going on between Lydia and one of the government agents close to the President, Bryan.
It also has some rather funny parts in it also along with some dry humor. The language is suitable for young teens and there are no bad parts in the book that would deem it unreadable to a young adult.
And like I mentioned earlier, you will run into some really technical science talk and if you can get past that, then you will enjoy this nice easy read and fun adventure that Lydia finds herself immersed in.
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Born in Montreal, Gérald Lizée built a career in physics and in information technologies. Having obtained a degree in theoretical physics from the Université Laval, he taught in several universities and Community colleges in Quebec before moving to information technologies. Today, he is president of his own firm, Cyberconcept, which provides consulting services in information technologies and notably commercializes his writings in science fiction.
This book, the first volume of a trilogy of intergalactic adventures, describes the psychosocial impacts of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
Gerald's thoughts on the book: 
I started thinking about this book ten years ago. I was and still am very preoccupied by the fact that humanity could destroy itself before the end of this century: mass destruction arms, both nuclear and biological, proliferate, intercultural and religious hatred increases, terrorism expands itself over the world; Earth is getting warmer and warmer because the modern man is sending more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it could foster and already generates catastrophic events such as highly destructive tsunamis and hurricanes.
This is why The Amazing Crystal  tells the story of a superior intelligence who has been accompanying secretly Earth evolution for billions of years and suddenly decides to communicate directly with humanity. His mission: help us save our planet.   
About the Translator: 
Robert Dykes, an American by birth, with a bachelor’s degree in Psychophysiology from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University, acquired French as a second language while following a career as a neuroscientist, entrepreneur and educator in Montreal.
Presently he operates a consultancy that plans and executes innovative projects that improve an individual’s capacity to contribute to the post-industrial society.
Robert's thoughts on the book:
When I first read the novel, I realized that there was action and adventure, but more deeply, I realized that Gérald was exploring an idea that has fascinated man for centuries. Extraterrestrials may have made a positive contribution to humanity over a time frame measured in centuries. Now, mankind is at a crossroads that may determine its destiny. This story addresses what might happen if mankind were to discover that there is another intelligent entity on Earth. The discovery could change the course of human history, perhaps for the better.  
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freddie said...

This is not a book I would like but a perfect book for my son-in-law. He likes those kind of books. I just don't like things too technical in a book.