Sunday, January 12, 2014

Strange Bird Book Review

I have another International author who has written a pretty darn good book about what could happen if we are caught off guard on an illness that spreads quickly without any vaccine to help called Strange Bird written by Anna Jansson.
As the bird flu pandemic reaches Gotland Island, panic spreads among the inhabitants who are frantic for an elusive cure. In the desperation that rises, the hunt for scapegoats begins, and extremist and anti-immigrant groups gain ground. Meanwhile, nurse Sandra Hägg makes a gruesome discovery at the health clinic where she works—a discovery that will cost her life.  
Soon Detective Inspector Maria Wern is assigned to solve the murder. Strange Bird, the first novel in the Maria Wern series in English, showcases Anna Jansson's mastery of both hair-raising crimes and the inner lives of her beloved characters. 
Ruben Nilsson stepped outside into the dusk of a summer's evening, knocked his pipe against the veranda railing and looked around the garden. Had he known how short was the time he would be allowed to live, he might have been less leisurely.
Although this is a Maria Wren detective series, this particular book really doesn't have much to do with crimes, or at least you don't think so in the beginning. It's about a pigeon who mysteriously shows up at a man's home who evidently raises pigeons to race on the island of Gotland.
At first, I thought maybe someone wanted to make sure Ruben didn't enter the race as he wins a good bit, but it turns out to be something much more than that.  
A major company that makes the vaccine that could cure this Bird Flu actually released it on purpose just so it could profit from the selling of it's cure! I was so mad and upset when I read this story that it just boggled my mind.
They were willing to let women and children die, along with seniors and other people who could not easily fight off the Bird Flu, just so that they could make millions of dollars. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if something like this hasn't or will happen in the future. Makes you wonder about a lot of things.
But, the story is suspenseful and there are some murders along the way that will keep you riveted to this story until you know the whole truth and there is even a little bit of romance in the story, although it may not turn out so good.
If you are an avid mystery fan, this book will deliver on that and much more.
Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Anna Jansson grew up immersed in storytelling on the island of Gotland. Everything she writes, from suspenseful crime novels to mythical children's books and academic non-fiction, is infused with intensity. Since her debut in 2000, her novels have sold in two million copies in more than ten countries. Several titles have been turned into movies.
Jansson first worked as nurse for many years and, when she began to write fictional crime stories, her inspiration came from the people she met at the hospital. In a genre full of sudden, wicked death, Jansson managed to interweave issues related to current and critical ethical problems related to life and death, turning her stories into relatable and thought provoking works of art.
Jansson's stories roll with the natural ebb and flow of a person's life--she is a master of tempo changes, from descriptive passages to thrilling action sequences and the development of relationships between characters, building momentum as each book plot intensifies. Jansson is uniquely skilled at defining each character in her books, evidenced by the sagaciously drawn Maria Wern, a complex and flawed woman that readers have come to know and love.
Besides writing crime novels, Anna Jansson holds lectures on ethical issues related to medical care and has published a number of academic books on health care topics. She also enjoys and has experienced much success writing books for children. In tandem with her incredibly successful career as a writer, Jansson continued for a long time to work part-time as a nurse at Örebro Hospital's lung clinic. She has six children and lives in Örebro, Sweden.
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Sally Bridges said...

I will definitely be buying this book!! I like suspense and mystery! If you liked this book have you ever read the Cobra Event? It's older but very good!