Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mira Bathroom Scale Review

I got to review this really awesome bathroom scale from Mira awhile ago and wanted to share it with you in case you are looking to purchase one. This particular bath scale is really awesome and it has the capacity to hold up to 400 pounds with ease.
Here are some of the features I liked:
  • SLEEK & SLIM: Great looking slim design bathroom scale with stainless steel plated handle and rim. MIRA digital bathroom scale offers spot-on weight detection packaged in sleek and stylish design perfection.
  • LARGE DISPLAY: Easy to read large high contrast lighted display. No more squinting your eyes to see the reading on the scale.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Instant On Technology - Step on the digital bathroom scale to instantly see your weight.
  • ACCURATE: Four high accuracy sensors give you accurate and precise readings every time you use this bathroom scale. Accuracy is two-tenths of a pound. Maximum capacity of this digital bathroom scale is 400lbs/180kg and the scale measures in pounds (lbs) or kilos (kgs). Uses 4 X AAA batteries (included).
  • GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence - this bathroom scale comes with 2 year warranty.
If you notice, there is a really nice silver handle at one end and it's big enough for you to get a firm grasp on the scale so that there is no way you will drop it. I like this bathroom scale because they seemed to have thought of everything. If you are a senior citizen you will appreciate the large display that enables you to read the numbers without any trouble at all.  This model number is BS775 and it's called the Digital Bathroom Scale.
Another reason everyone will love this scale is that it's lightweight and easy to handle. Just look at how thin it is! It's hard to believe that it can hold up to 400 pounds, but that is exactly what it can do. Of course, I am nowhere near that and neither is my husband, so I didn't have anyone to test that out on, but judging from all the other reviews on Amazon, it looks like it is right on the money! Out of 27 reviews, it got an average of 4.7 stars, so that is pretty darn good in my book.
Another great thing is the weight will show up instantly. No shifting or waiting for a few minutes for the numbers to keep going up or down to see what your true weight is. The weight will pop up almost instantly, as soon as you step on it. You can't beat that for satisfaction.
Of course, if this one isn't to your liking, there are 3 other bathroom scales that Mira carries, so you do have some other options available. Go check them out and see the differences and decide for yourself which one suits you the best. Two of the other ones also measure Body Fat and are Body Fat Analyzers.
I have seen those before but never used one so I am not sure how they work. I would almost be terrified to step on one to see what my body fat is. I know since I became Disabled I don't exercise no where near what I used to, so I am betting I have lost all that lean muscle I used to have. But, for those of you who like to keep up with that kind of stuff, Mira does have 2 different models to choose from.
This is one of them and it also holds up to 400 pounds. So, you can get the same coverage and get your body fat numbers also if you need them.  Just go to Mira's website and go to the Bathroom Scales tab and they are all listed there for you to compare.
Mira has a lot of other products too if you need for instance a kitchen scale, luggage scale or stainless steel lunch boxes! Those come in three different sizes depending on what you need or who they are for.
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