Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Getting Healthy in 2014

Every employer has experienced the pain due to the absence of employees and low production. Other employees are expected to pick up the slack and they can begin to feel unjustly treated. This type of scenario is never good for keeping morale at its best and soon, a poor attitude follows. Before considering replacing good employees, look at the reason why absence, tardiness, and slow work performance, is happening.

Why Nutrition and Exercise is Important

Some employees find themselves sliding into a slower pace without even realizing it. This can result in a feeling of sluggishness, flu-like symptoms, and lack of clarity. By the time that this state of physical and mental stupor is noticed, it could be effecting work performance, without the individual realizing it. Many times, the lack of proper nutrition and exercise is the cause of such a melt down. Fast food, unhealthy snacks, and sitting dormant in front of a computer all day, can cause the body to settle into a slower rate of working. By the end of the work day, the energy is even less and rest is all that occupies the mind.
Waking up the Team

Companies, like IncentaHEALTH, provide a wake-up call to employers that are struggling to find a solution to keeping employees healthy and productive. By providing the tools of knowledge, cash incentives and daily tracking of progress, employees are able to see a marked difference in the way they feel and look. They suddenly realize that their energy level is increasing and work is becoming gratifying. Not only in the workplace, but also at home, a more vibrant person begins to emerge. Working as a team to compete for prizes and share results, can keep a workplace bustling with positive attitudes.

Starting a fitness program for employees is not difficult. By using technology, coaching is available, personalized programs are created, and day-by-day results are monitored and presented. Seeing results in health is more than stepping on a weight scale each week. Learn how biometric monitoring kiosk provides an individualized approach to weight gain problems and a feeling of listlessness. The cost can be minute compared to the overall success of higher productivity and better morale.
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